Valorant Gift Cards: Uquid’s Trending Product During Valorant’s Night Market

4 min readJun 8, 2024


Resonating with Valorant’s Night Market, Uquid’s Valorant Gift Card has become the top product at Uquid Shop this week with thousands of orders. Some products like Valorant Gift Card Turkey were even sold out this week which proves its super high demands. Let’s go deep dive into the key benefits it brings to Valorant players who are also crypto shopping enthusiasts.

What is Valorant Gift Card?

Valorant Gift Card is a prepaid card that can be used to purchase in-game currency (known as Valorant Points or VP) for the popular online multiplayer first-person shooter game, Valorant, developed by Riot Games. These gift cards allow players to add funds to their Riot Games account, which can then be used to buy various in-game items such as weapon skins, character costumes, battle passes, and other exclusive content.

What is Valorant’s Night Market?

Valorant’s Night Market is a periodic in-game event that offers players the opportunity to purchase weapon skins and other cosmetic items at discounted prices. Now, Valorant’s Night Market is happening until 12rd June 2024.

The benefits that Valorant’s Night Market Brings

The Valorant Night Market offers significant benefits for players, including cost savings by allowing them to purchase desired weapon skins at lower prices, making it an economical way to expand their collection.

Moveover, the randomized selection ensures a wide variety of skins, giving players the opportunity to acquire items they might not have considered otherwise. This element of randomness, coupled with limited availability, adds excitement and engagement, encouraging players to log in and check their unique offers. Additionally, the event’s timing around festive seasons or special occasions makes it a popular choice for gifting, with friends and family buying gift cards for players to use during the event.

Why did Valorant Gift Card become Top Product During Valorant’s Night Market?

Many Valorant players always look forward to the Night Market event to snag the appealing in-game equipment and upgrade playing experience with low cost. To enjoy this special event, Valorant players need more Valorant Points for shopping in-game items. Consequently, Valorant Gift Cards are in high demand at many online suppliers including Uquid. Now, Uquid is the top destination for shopping digital items such as gift cards, game cards and more for crypto holders. That’s why, the demand to use crypto to pay for Valorant gift cards at Uquid is currently at its peak and even at the sold-out status.

The benefit of purchasing Valorant Gift Card at Uquid Shop with Crypto?

Purchasing Valorant gift cards at UQUID is the preferred choice of thousands of crypto holders worldwide due to its numerous practical benefits. Firstly, UQUID accepts hundreds of cryptocurrencies, making it extremely accessible and convenient for crypto enthusiasts globally to use their digital assets instead of fiat currency. Additionally, it supports three popular payment methods from market giants: Binance Pay, Gate Pay, and Pay, which have millions of users worldwide. Users can use them to connect and pay seamlessly at Uquid shop.

Secondly, UQUID provides customers with a wide selection of Valorant gift cards tailored to their personal needs. Users can choose from various denominations and select the card value that best suits them. Furthermore, UQUID continuously enhances its purchasing process to ensure a simple and fast experience. Order confirmations and activation codes are sent directly to the user’s email immediately after purchase, making it easy for users to manage their orders seamlessly.

How to Buy Valorant Gift Card at Uquid Shop

For those who want a detailed guide on how to shop Valorant Gift Cards at Uquid with crypto, let’s check this tutorial below:

Step 1: Search for the Valorant Gift Card on the search bar.

Step 2: Choose the product and click “Buy Now”

Step 3: Check your order and choose the crypto payment method

Step 4: Completed your payment process as instruction




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