UQUID’s Visa Payment Card: Seamlessly add funds to your Visa Card with Crypto

5 min readJun 1, 2024


Let’s discover the untold benefits of UQUID’s Visa Payment Card. What are the true reasons why it became the trending product at UQUID Shop this week?

For many years, Visa Cards have been an indispensable payment tool for millions of individuals worldwide. Consequently, when Uquid introduced Visa Payment Cards and facilitated the process of adding funds onto these cards using cryptocurrency, the product rapidly emerged as one of the top-selling products. What specific advantages does this product offer to Uquid shoppers? This blog post will delve into the details.

What is Visa Card?

Visa Card is a Payment card branded by Visa Inc., a global payments technology company that facilitates electronic funds transfers throughout the world. Visa cards are widely used for making purchases, withdrawing cash, and online transactions. They come in various forms, including credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and business cards, each designed to meet different financial needs and preferences.

Why do people prefer to use Visa Card?

Visa cards offer numerous key features and benefits, including global acceptance at millions of locations worldwide, making them ideal for international travel and global commerce. Many Visa credit cards feature rewards programs that offer cash back, travel points, or other incentives, redeemable for various goods and services. Additionally, Visa cards simplify transactions by eliminating the need for cash, providing easy access to funds through ATMs, and enabling secure online purchases. To help manage finances, Visa also offers a range of tools and resources for tracking spending and setting budgets, available through online banking platforms and mobile apps.

How can people add funds to their Visa Card?

Adding funds to a Visa Card can be done through several convenient methods, depending on the type of card and the issuing bank or financial institution. Common methods include setting up direct deposit from your payroll or government benefits, transferring funds from a linked bank account via online banking or mobile apps, and using cash reload services at participating retail locations.

For crypto holders, they can leverage their crypto to add funds seamlessly to their Visa Card by purchasing a “Visa Payment Card” from some crypto-accepted online shopping platform like UQUID. That is a fantastic way to turn their crypto into real value in daily life easily. Until now, UQUID has offered a wide range of products related to Visa catering to almost all diverse needs of worldwide customers.

What are the benefits of purchasing Visa Payment Card at Uquid?

Purchasing Visa Payment Card at Uquid offers a bunch of benefits that significantly enhance the user experience. One of the most notable advantages is the wide range of cryptocurrency payment methods that Uquid accepts. For example, Uquid allows users to pay with even Binance Pay, Gate Pay, and Crypto.com Pay. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, as it allows them to use their preferred tokens and crypto payment methods for transactions. By offering these diverse payment options, Uquid makes it easier for users to convert their cryptocurrency holdings into fiat for traditional payment activities, providing a seamless bridge between the crypto world and traditional financial systems.

Furthermore, whether users have a substantial amount of funds or just a small amount, Uquid ensures there are options available to suit every budget. This range of denominations means that users can find a Visa Payment Card that perfectly matches their financial situation and spending habits, making it an incredibly versatile option for many different types of transactions.

Additionally, Uquid’s shopping process is designed to be as streamlined and user-friendly as possible. The entire purchasing journey is condensed into a few simple steps: selecting the desired Visa Payment Card, choosing the preferred cryptocurrency payment method, making the payment, and receiving the card promptly. This efficient process ensures that users can complete their purchases quickly and without any unnecessary complications, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

This is a full guide on how to shop Visa Payment Card at Uquid:

Step 1: Search for the Visa Payment Card on the search bar.

Step 2: Choose the product and click “Buy Now”

Step 3: Check your order and choose the crypto payment method

Step 4: Completed your payment process as instruction

About Uquid

Launched in 2016, Uquid is a pioneer in applying DeFi and Web 3.0 to e-commerce, aiming to deliver the ultimate Shop to Earn experience. With verified merchants, exclusive deals, cashback, and Payin3 with crypto, Uquid leads the way in the Web 3.0 shopping infrastructure. Over the years, Uquid has grown to serve 220 million users across major platforms such as Binance, Crypto.com, and Gate.io.

With a remarkable monthly visitor count exceeding 50 million, Uquid is not just a platform but a pivotal player in shaping the new generation of e-commerce. Boasting the largest selection of over 160 million physical, digital, and NFT products and offering comprehensive shipping services to over 200 countries and territories, Uquid caters to a diverse global customer base.

Users shopping at Uquid benefit from flexible and convenient payment methods, including cryptocurrency, fiat, or wallets. In 2021, Uquid introduced the first Buy Now Pay Later with crypto option — Payin3 — demonstrating its ambition to dominate the crypto marketplace. Uquid Payin3 allows customers to protect the future value of their crypto by delaying payment in three installments over 90 days, interest-free.

Offering an extensive array of products and the best Shop to Earn experience, Uquid continues to redefine the standards of convenience and accessibility in the digital shopping landscape.

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