UQUID MONTHLY REVIEW, 15-July-2020 to 15-AUGUST-2020.

15 July 2020–15 August 2020

Uquid’s shop’s team adds that it is helping this ambition become a reality by offering an “extensive product range that few e-commerce retailers can match.”

Enabling shoppers to use their crypto to make everyday purchases has been a much-needed milestone for the industry. It offers an incentive for consumers who have only ever relied on fiat to give digital assets ago for the very first time. In time, this could help contribute to the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin, Ether, and other altcoins — and help the industry gain the recognition it deserves.

The shop boasts 35,000+ digital products, with new items added daily. According to the team, discounts of up to 60% are available on its range.

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Uquid Monthly Review :

  1. New Active Users: 5K +
  1. List of new gift cards and vouchers add to Uquid digital shop: Apple, Uber, Farmacia Cruz Verde, etc. Click here to find gift cards.
  2. Uquid Coin (UQC) is listed on the following exchange:

(To trade click on trading pairs)

4. List of new coins supported on Uquid Digital shop: Bitcoin Cash (BCH), XRP, Lightning Bitcoin.

Lightning Bitcoin

Uquid notes this additional blockchain layer helps to speed up transactions while making them cheaper, eliminating two of the main drawbacks of using BTC directly. The platform uses a Lightning Network node that belongs to OMGFIN, a digital asset exchange that says it “has been supporting the Bitcoin industry since the early days.”

Vision & Mission

Uquid Aim is to create a smooth flow to use crypto assets on daily needed utility and comfort.

Some of the items available include games across some of the world’s best-known platforms, including Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation. Crypto can also be used to snap up gift cards and vouchers for software, cell phone credit, and famous retailers.

Moreover, it’s possible to pay for TV bundles and electricity bills, life insurance, access to the internet, and transportation — the last courtesy of Uber in the United States. According to the company, brand-new categories will be added to the site in the not-too-distant future — spanning health and beauty, food and groceries, and clothing and shoes.

Official Website: Uquid.com and shop.uquid.com
Instagram : Shop.uquid
Telegram Channel: uquidcoinofficial
Twitter : uquidcard

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