Trailblazing Web3 Shopping in Africa: Insights From Uquid & Binance Africa AMA

15 min readFeb 1, 2024

Uquid’s voyage through the vast expanse of Web 3 shopping has been nothing short of remarkable, marked by a tireless pursuit of innovation and an unwavering dedication to redefine the digital commerce landscape. However, this journey wouldn’t be complete without our collaborative campaigns. On January 31st, 2024, Uquid engaged in a special AMA session on Binance Live, joining forces with Mathendu — CM from Binance Africa. Together, Baobie (from Uquid) and Mathendu delved into the pivotal milestones achieved by Uquid in 2023, unveiled strategic blueprints for 2024, explored groundbreaking initiatives in Web3.0 shopping, and shed light on our ongoing campaign — the Binance Africa Discount for Mobile Top-up.

The Binance Africa Discount for Mobile Top-up initiative is strategically crafted to captivate users and foster deeper exploration of our platform’s diverse offerings. This event underscores our commitment to enhancing financial inclusivity and expanding access to digital services throughout the continent. With enticing discounts of up to 10% off on mobile top-up packages, a substantial prize pool of $1,000, and engaging community-driven activities like the Photo Lucky Draw contest, participants are poised to unlock exceptional savings and rewards.Throughout the promotional period, the first 1,000 eligible users will each be entitled to receive an additional top-up at the lowest package offered by their desired mobile operator.

Additionally, our exclusive feature, Custom Value, currently available only to Uquid users in Africa, allows users to personalize their mobile data plans according to their unique needs and preferences.

For those who have missed the insightful AMA between Uquid and Binance Africa, please check out the transcript below and don’t miss out on the great deals, from January 27 to February 15. Exclusively for African users.

Mathendu: Hello everyone and today is another exciting session where we get to talk about one of the most productive products on Binance and we get to talk about Uquid. Now today’s session is an AMA session where we get to learn what Uquid is all about. Now this is our first AMA session for 2024 and today’s topic will be specifically on Web3 shopping on Uquid using Binance Marketplace.

Our guest speaker of this AMA will be Baobie from Uquid and just a few ground rules for this AMA session before we kick things off. Our first segment will be an AMA session, then we’ll have a couple of questions from you, our users, and we will be awarding 5 users 5 dollars each for our first 5 relevant questions. So let’s kick this off.

So Baobie, please let us know who you are and what you do at Uquid.

Baobie: Hello users and hello, my name is Baobie, I’m the business development manager from Uquid. To bring awareness of experience and strategic vision from our team, we are working directly in partnership in the Uquid e-commerce platform to bring goods from the merchants around the world.

Mathendu: Thank you so much, Bobby. And without further ado, as I said earlier, guys, let’s prepare. We have 5 users who will be getting 5 dollars each for the first five relevant questions.

So typing on your live session and just let us know what your questions are at the end of this AMA. Now without further ado, we’ll kick off with you, Baobie. I have a couple of questions for you.

So basically, can you provide us a brief overview of Uquid’s business model, highlighting its fundamental principles and the value propositions for our users?

Baobie: Yes, guys, in 2016, is a major player in Web3. We are focusing on maximizing the Shop-to-Earn experience. So we are pioneers in applying DeFi and Web3 into e-commerce, aiming to provide customers with the ultimate shopping experience.

We also have the most extensive selection with over 160 million products including physical items, digital goods and NFTs. Plus, our shipping service covers more than 200 countries worldwide.

Mathendu: Just before you move on. So one of the couple of things I’ve gotten from this is that, Uquid supports over 100 cryptocurrencies, Uquid having been in more than 200 countries. I mean, this is pretty much a big product.

So Baobie, over to you as you proceed to tell us more about the Uquid store.

Baobie: Since 2021, Uquid has partnered with Binance to make the Alpha Digital Shop, Alpha Mobile Top Up and Alpha Game Store, available on the Binance marketplace. This service has already satisfied thousands of Binance users and our partnership continues to grow, providing a seamless shopping and mobile experience.

So let me share with you guys about how Alpha Mobile Top Up is working on the Binance marketplace. So the first thing, we have a hot service on the Binance marketplace. We offer products in over 180 countries.

We also have the chance to work with 2100 operators around the world. When you experience our top-up, you can get only about 5 seconds to get the top-up in your phone. And for the price, we’re also offering about the best price and are very competitive on the market.

We also partner with Binance and to bring up some daily deals. It is very interesting and beneficial for people.

Besides Alpha Mobile Top Up, we also have a grocery, pharmacies, transportation, vouchers and we also provide some best products like payment cards and gift cards. Moreover, in some countries in Asia and also in Africa, people can use it for electricity, television and bill payments.

For E-SIMs and mobile data, we’re also supporting over 200 countries around the world. If you go to Binance Marketplace and scroll down, you can see that we have 3 mini-apps there.

The first one is about the Alpha Mobile Top Up, the second one is Alpha Digital Shop and the third one is Alpha Game Store. But you can see that Alpha Mobile Top Up is on the Featured Services on Binance page.

Mathendu: Okay. Thank you so much for that. You know, quite a good introduction on the Uquid store.

Now, I’m pretty pumped because I’ll be also getting to show you live on how you can actually interact with the Uquid store, especially with the mobile top-up service. This by far is the best product. And I’ll be showing you live on how to do this.

Thank you so much, Baobie. But now, before we even proceed, I want you to highlight to us what are the major milestones that Uquid successfully accomplished in the past year and maybe showcase to us the progress and the achievements that you’ve made, you know, back in 2023.

Baobie: Yes. So, let me share it here. This is the picture that we put everything in so that you can understand it simpler and easier.

Over the past years, Uquid has made remarkable strides in Web3 and decentralized e-commerce. Thanks to your steadfast support, we are committed to transforming the digital marketplace, expanding our product strength to 160 million items across 200 countries.

Our focus on mobile top-up and bill payments reflects our mission to integrate cryptocurrencies seamlessly into everyday life. Your support has been our driving force. With each partner, we’re focused on maximizing collaboration through educational content, engaging events, and long-term projects.

Exciting events are on the horizon, going beyond spreading awareness to build trust and confidence in shopping on the Uquid platform.

Furthermore, we are introducing several new features. So, the first one is about the direct game top-up to the users’ IDs upon the order completion.

The second is about the Daily Deals, providing quick updates on hand-picked hot products with a great price.

The third one is about the Category-specific E-commerce, directly linked with the major online marketplaces. And next is about the Alpha Mobile Top Up service, cooperating with over 2,100 operators in over 180 countries.

Uquid DApps as a one-stop destination for users to connect with other platforms which have been deployed in the last year. Moreover, direct integration of PayPal Top-Up for one-click payment. We also deployed a new function that allows users to enter custom denominations when purchasing several gift cards, payment cards and top-up.

Mathendu: Looking ahead of 2024, would you highlight the key activity from 2023 that continues to be quite pivotal of Uquid’s strategic plan, indicating maybe the sustained focus areas?

Baobie: Yes. Well, I guess that’s also the right question. And so, we also have the launch of our first 1 dollar shop in the crypto world, marking a paradigm shift in decentralized online shopping, offering quality goods at unbelievable prices, accessible to everyone.

This innovation, along with the introduction of new categories and features like Buy Now Pay Later (Payin3) with Bitcoin, Direct Top-up, eSIM services, Bill Payments and Instant Paypal Top-up has paved the way for a more inclusive and convenient shopping experience.

Our strategic collaborations and integrations with 65 prominent projects and businesses have strengthened our ecosystem, expanding payment methods, enhancing security, and simplifying access to cryptocurrencies and blockchain services. These collaborations are the cornerstone of our vision for the future of digital commerce.

Mathendu: All right. Thank you so much for that particular update. You know, I see there’s just more to crypto payments. It’s just not just about crypto payments, but also getting on board, you know, top-ups, even on other platforms. Now, what specific initiatives has Uquid implemented to position itself as a leader in Web3 shopping, emphasizing innovation and influence in the market?

Baobie: So, let’s focus on this picture that we also have covered everything here, all about the Uquid payment methods. So, to lead in Web3 shopping, we tackle some key issues.

The first one is user onboarding. Hearing about Web3 shopping can be daunting, but you could simplify onboarding with familiar tools like Telegram logins and clear instructions, ensuring a seamless experience with just one click.

The second one is about the security concerns. Uquid prioritizes crypto security in Web3 shopping using blockchains, especially smart contracts, ensuring the transactions are anonymous for heightened privacy.

The third one is about the limited adoption. Uquid addresses the challenge of limited Web3 shopping adoption by making crypto payments accessible. Users can easily cash out crypto using popular payment cards or online payments.

The next one is about interoperability: Uquid invests in partnerships and integrations with other Web3 platforms, creating a network of interconnected services. Users can seamlessly transition between different Web3 applications and find Uquid’s miniapps and DApps on popular marketplaces.

The next is Payment Methods, Uquid supports over a hundred cryptocurrencies and diverse payment methods, including Binance Pay. In addition, the introduction of Payin3, a Buy Now Pay Later option with zero fees, adds flexibility for users. They can buy and can invest at the same time.

Mathendu: Now, I’ve been seeing a couple of questions but we will proceed to address them in a short while. Let me ask about the current event. Can you share about the current event created by Uquid to engage more users to explore shopping on your platform.

Baobie: To celebrate the triumph of 2023 and pave the way to 2024, Uquid has partnered with Binance Pay to learn about a special payment exclusive for the new Binance Pay users only in Africa. Throughout the payment period, users can enjoy discounts of up to 10% on mobile top-up with a prize pool totaling about $10,000.

Additionally, participants have the opportunity to engage in side mini-games, where sharing their top-up experience can earn them even more rewards. It’s a great way to celebrate the success. It’s a great way to celebrate the success of the past year and look forward to exciting development in the year ahead.

Mathendu: Before we even proceed, let me just say. This is one of the best things I’m experiencing, and I would like to go ahead and try to demonstrate, but I’ll wait till the end so that I can show you how you get to enjoy this 10% discount. It’s not just one particular discount. There are three campaigns going on with Uquid and 3 promotions, to be specific, and you will get a chance to win from one of each.

But now, let me first get to Baobie before I get to demonstrate how you get to these discounts. So, Baobie, what influenced the choice of Africa as a location for Binance Africa Discount? For the mobile top-up event, how does this decision align with Uquid’s objectives?

Baobie: This is also a nice question. So in 2023, there has been a noticeable increase in transactions and the demand for using crypto currencies as payment methods for purchasing digital products in Africa, particularly across the Uquid ecosystem and Binance marketplace. So Uquid’s entry into the Africa mobile top-up landscape is a game-changer. Not only does it introduce a new way to use crypto in everyday life, but it also brings exciting discounts from esteemed partners and convenience to African users.

As Africa embraces crypto and digital finance, Uquid innovates across its voice to redefine mobile release in Africa, making it more accessible and empowering for everyone.

Mathendu: All right, all right. I see a couple of things coming up from our chats. Really good questions. I can already see how exciting this is.

Now, for users participating in this exciting event, basically, the discount is 10% for mobile top-up, exclusive for African users. But do you have any tips or guidance to enhance their experience during this particular event, this particular campaign? How do you give us tips for the users?

Baobie: So we will go through the first promotion. So the first one is about a generous 10% discount on the lowest mobile top-up package.

And the second one is a convenient 2% discount on all other packages. So all eligible users stand a chance to receive a discount up to 10% on the top-up. All are using Binance Pay, accessible through this promotion page.

Each Binance Pay account is eligible for only one time discount. Only one time.

This is about Promotion B: This is only for new Binance Pay users. Throughout the promotional period, the first 1,000 eligible users will each be entitled to receive an additional top-up slot at the lowest package offered by their desired mobile operator.

Upon completing their checkout either at the Alpha Mobile Topup Mini App on Binance Pay or at, users will receive an “Order Completed” email notification from Uquid sent to their provided email address. Please make sure to provide your email correctly. If you haven’t registered with an email before, remember to activate your email before placing an order

This confirmation email will contain detailed information about the user’s order, along with additional details about the complimentary top-up slot. To qualify for this free slot, users must ensure that their order is their first-time purchase using a Binance Pay account and must complete a sharing task on social media. Users will be directed to a Twitter page where they can provide their Binance Pay account as proof through a comment.

Let me share with you some tasks. So the first one, you have to capture the screen of your autocomplete and comment on this post your new Binance Pay account as proof. Secondly, you have to quote Tweet and tags 2 friends

So in the Twitter announcement, when the campaign concludes, Uquid will send the confirmation email to all eligible users and will give 1 free top-up slot directly to their registered account. The 1,000 free top-up slots are applied for the lowest package and are exclusively available for first-time registered users on Binance Pay who have never initiated a cryptocurrency payment through Binance Pay before.

Mathendu: Thank you so much. And I think this is the part where I also get to explain a couple of things. But before we go there, I’ve seen a couple of comments and very good items from our pages, from our users who are watching us. I think I’ll need to go through them quickly because, you know, you guys are amazing that you’re chatting with us out there.

Nadia_CryptoSis says, what mesures does to secure the project from hacker attack? I think I want to discuss this.

This is a mini app that you find on Binance. So this is not a decentralized project or a listing project, but it is. Basically, this is a mini-app that you find on the Binance Marketplace.

I see Leona Wendy says, can you share about some special features of Uquid Shop? I believe we’ve already seen that. Baobie has done quite a good job explaining the different features on Uquid Store.

Then Cool_Cookie. I just use Uquid for the Steam gift cards. Baobie tell us more about Steam gift cards. Bobby, is there something like that on the platform?

Binance_W9P9: Will you have a discount promotion on other mini-apps? Baobie, are you able to answer that? Will we have discount promotions for other mini apps? Basically, other products on Uquid. Will you have any discount promotion for other products on Uquid Store?

Baobie: So every month, we are also working with our partners and also our operators to provide some discounts and also the promotions on Uquid Shop to benefit our users. So maybe you can follow this on our Twitter or Binance.

But sometimes, we are also following some events around the world and we provide discounts for all users to have a chance to use a cryptocurrency to buy real-life products.

Mathendu: OK, OK. I’m having a couple of other questions, very interesting ones.

This user D91 says, does Uquid have mobile money services? Would you like to answer that, Baobie? Mobile money as in, can you send money from one mobile to another?

Baobie: So this is also an interesting question. But I have to check again with my team if this product is also available. Yeah, so maybe I will provide you with the exact answers.

Mathhendu: Now, without further ado, as I promised, guys, we are going to select five winners to get $5 each. And I can already tell you who the winners are.

Number one, Leona Wendy, because you asked very good questions. I also see Jay Mukendi asked very good questions. We will get to show you how to claim your $5.

That’s through the Binance community. Now, be sure to join Binance Africa, Binance East Africa Community, Binance West Africa Community. Basically, from wherever you are, just go on Telegram, join all these communities.

Of course, please do follow Ukwit on Ukwit Store. That is the tag Ukwit Store on Twitter or famously known as X. And follow @BinanceAfrica. Now, before we go forward, I’d like to show you the promotional page.

You can best be able to get to these pages and claim our rewards. Now, without further ado, let’s quickly go to the promotional pages for us to get to see what this is all about. Guys, I’m quite pumped. I just can’t hold on to this. Quickly, my screen is taking quite some time. We are getting there shortly.

All right. So, this is the promotional page. So, in case you’re watching us from wherever, this is the Uquid promotional page.

So, on this blog, you get to see what Uquid has for you. You get to see what Uquid has for you for this particular blog. So, I’ll quickly go to the promotional page.

And this is where we have 3 generous promotions. As covered, the first one is a 10% discount on the lowest mobile cover package and a 2% discount on all other packages. The countries covered are as shown here. So, be sure to come into this blog and get to see more information.

On Promotion B, throughout the promotional period, the first 1,000 eligible users will each be entitled to receive an additional top-up at the lowest price offered by their desired operator. This is completely free.

Now, on Promotion C, this is where you have to show your social quest. During the campaign period, Ukwit will be hosting a side mini game on Twitter called the Photo Lucky Draw. And a total of 20 winners will have an opportunity to share a prize pool of $200 to qualify for the participation.

All you have to do is follow Uquid and Binance Africa on Twitter, create an Uquid account, share the photo or video displaying on your Uquid, and tag 3 friends. That’s all you have to do to get to share. Now, quickly moving on, let’s get to see how you get to use Uquid on mobile and how you get that 10% discount as promised. I will share my mobile screen.

Mattheu: On this interface, try to pull it down and it will show you the Binance Marketplace. You can see the stores here, and you can find Alpha Mobile Top Up right here.

Once you’re in Alpha Mobile Top Up, you need to put your country right here, then put your number. And click on “View Top Up plan”. You can see 10% discount is already applied on the lowest package. You can also select other packages and click on Continue. Then you can proceed to Payment.

The best thing is this is applied to different providers, so it’s easy if you travel anywhere. Then you click Make Payment. Once you click Make Payment, you have to provide an email where the statement will be sent. And let’s watch how fast this happens.

Then your transaction advice is sent to your email! Just like that! And that is our Binance Pay and Uquid collaboration.

Thank you so much to our users who have participated and claimed your rewards. Let’s catch up on our social pages and watch out for Uquid and grab our 10% discount. Have a good evening and let’s catch up in the next session.






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