Recapping the Success of MegaCash 2024: A Campaign of Remarkable Achievements

4 min readFeb 3, 2024

During the vibrant period from January 15th to 29th, the MegaCash 2024 campaign, a collaborative effort by UQUID and, marked a series of impressive milestones that underscored its success. Following the triumph of the 2023 initiative, this year's MegaCash campaign brought an array of unique minigames and exclusive offers, setting a dynamic tone for 2024.

MegaCash 2024 started with an ambitious idea: to allow users to experience the thrill of fortune and exclusive offers tailored for both regular and VIP users of More specifically, Gate’s regular users tasted VIP life, while GATE’s VIP users enjoyed even higher privileges, including becoming UQUID VIPs. This unique opportunity to win big and indulge in special perks was a call to action that resonated widely with our audience.

Hosted on’s Miniapp Center, the campaign was amplified across all social channels of Uquid and Activities included a “Lucky Number” draw, where users received a random number by logging into any of Uquid’s mini-apps or completing an order, enhancing their chances to win substantial weekly prizes. The first week promised $25,000 to the winner, with additional prizes for lucky participants, and the second week doubled the excitement with a $50,000 prize.

Furthermore, the campaign statistics painted a picture of overwhelming participation and enthusiasm. The “Lucky Number” activity, a cornerstone of MegaCash 2024, attracted many users eager to partake in the chance to win weekly prizes. This activity alone illustrated the campaign’s magnetic appeal and effectiveness in encouraging user interaction and engagement.

Unprecedented Participation: A Deep Dive into the Numbers

Now let’s recap what took place over the 2-week course of the Megacash series through these impressive stats below:

Over 100,000 lucky numbers has been given to users: The MegaCash 2024 campaign by UQUID and has set a new benchmark, with the allure of over 100,000 lucky numbers given away. The campaign has been a riveting success, captivating a broad audience with the thrill of fortune and reward.

A total of 55,169 participants joined: Over the initial two-week period, we saw a staggering 55,169 users joining the event. The enthusiasm was palpable, with Week 1 attracting 29,436 users and Week 2 adding another 25,733.

A total of 19,450 orders were placed: A whopping 19,450 orders were placed, demonstrating the high level of activity and participation. The split was nearly even, with Week 1 seeing 9,086 orders and Week 2 slightly higher at 10,364.

An unprecedented increase in shopping volume: Notably, the shopping volume during MegaCash 2024 soared to towering heights, achieving a whopping 420% increase compared to the period before the event’s commencement. This staggering growth is a testament to the sheer excitement and engagement MegaCash 2024 generated.

The campaign’s strategy to blend gaming excitement with the practicality of online shopping proved to be a masterstroke. It achieved its set objectives and set a new benchmark in the realm of crypto-commerce. The success of MegaCash 2024 stands as a testament to the innovative approach of UQUID and and their ability to create a campaign that resonates deeply with their target audience.

The Future of MegaCash

As we look to the future of MegaCash, the horizon is bright with promise. Building on the momentum of 2024, we foresee MegaCash evolving into an even more expansive and inclusive experience. Our vision includes integrating more innovative technology, expanding our user base, and enhancing the rewards system to provide even greater value to our participants.

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