How to topup mobile phones on Gate App? Uquid’s Guide for Morocco, Mali & Senegal users.

3 min readApr 18, 2024

Calling all Morocco, Mali and Senegal users, Let’s unleash the convenient way of topping up your mobile phones with Uquid’s miniapp on Gate app now.

How to topup mobile phone effortlessly and conveniently? It is a big question in many parts of the world because of its huge benefits. In many countries like Morocco, Mali and Senegal, mobile services are inevitable when it comes to connecting with our loved ones, collecting information, and paying bills… Furthermore, transferring money for family members or relatives is a crucial need and it can be met by topping up mobiles phones. While traditional ways remain difficult and inconvenient, modern ones showcase a big possibility of hassle-free topup services. Uquid tirelessly tries to meet users’ needs and serve the top services, including mobile top up. With our strategic miniapps on Gate Application, the question “How to topup mobile phones in Morocco, Mali, Senegal and more?” has a perfect answer.

From zero to hero, now Uquid is one of the biggest merchants on Gate Application with impressive 9 miniapps stretching from Uquid shop miniapp to Alpha Topup miniapp serving thousands of users daily. In terms of mobile topup service, our useful miniapp — Alpha Topup is a perfect choice for crypto holders from all over the world to add funds to their mobile phones, especially Morocco, Mali and Senegal. Firstly, Alpha Topup supports users to top up seamlessly with almost all operators in +200 countries. With the “Custom Value” innovative feature, Uquid allows users to choose exactly how much money they want to topup with crypto regardless of the boring and unchangeable set plans. Furthermore, Gate app, where our miniapp is integrated, has a friendly interface providing perfect user experience when topup mobiles phones by crypto.

For those in Morocco, Mali and Senegal who are not yet familiar with how to topup mobile phones at our Alpha Topup miniapp on Gate, let’s explore how you can do it easily with the detailed guide below:

Step 1: Open your Gate application.

Step 2: Choose the Gate Life section, swipe down and click on our Alpha Topup.

Step 3: Choose your country, operator, phone number and set topup plan.

Step 4: Complete the payment process with the cryptocurrency you prefered.

Step 5: Your payment is successful

By following these steps, you’ll enjoy unparalleled convenience in managing your mobile credits. Uquid’s commitment to enhancing customer experience via our website and the Alpha Topup mini-app on Gate app has solidified its position as the preferred choice for users seeking blockchain mobile top-up solutions in Africa.

Embrace the seamless fusion of technology and convenience with Uquid’s Alpha Topup on Gate today. Stay effortlessly connected, whether you’re in Mali, Senegal, Morocco, or beyond. Explore the instant crypto phone top-up option now and step into a new era of mobile recharge solutions. Hope that this blog post will be helpful for you all!




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