How to Create a Winning Video for Uquid’s Global Voices Contest

2 min readMay 30, 2024


Hey Uquidians! 🌟Are you ready to showcase your creativity and win amazing prizes? Welcome to the Uquid Global Voices Video Contest! This fun and interactive contest is your chance to shine and share your unique Uquid experiences with the world. Let’s dive into the details and get you started on creating your winning video!

How to Participate: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Understand the Contest Guidelines

Before you start, make sure your video meets the contest requirements. Your video should be up to 5 minutes long and use a 9:16 aspect ratio (portrait mode). Feel free to use your native language to make it more personal and authentic. Ensure that your face is visible in the video frame, and choose one of the following topics for your video:

  • Your first Uquid shopping experience
  • Your first Uquid purchase
  • What do you find most impessive about Uquid?

Step 2: Plan Your Video

Think about the story you want to tell. Share genuine experiences and emotions, and use props, music, and effects to make your video engaging. Focus on the selected topic and keep your message clear. Authenticity is key, so let your true self shine through.

Step 3: Record Your Video

Now, it’s time to bring your ideas to life! Ensure your face is well-lit and clearly visible by using good lighting. Record in a quiet environment to avoid background noise, and speak clearly and confidently. Smile and have fun, and remember to be yourself!

Step 4: Edit Your Video

Editing can enhance your video’s appeal. Trim unnecessary parts to keep your video concise and to the point. Add music and effects to make your video more engaging, and check for any mistakes or issues before finalizing your submission.

Step 5: Submit Your Video

Ready to share your masterpiece? Upload your video using the provided Google Form link, fill in your details (name, email, and a brief description of your video), and submit. Once submitted, share your video on social media and tag @Uquid so we can see your amazing work!

👉 [Submit Your Video Here]

Tips for Creating a Winning Video

Be yourself and let your authenticity resonate with viewers. Engage your audience by asking questions, telling a story, and keeping it interactive. Show enthusiasm, as your excitement will shine through and captivate your audience. Remember, the more genuine and engaging your video, the better your chances of winning!

Join the Fun and Win Big!

Participating in the Uquid Global Voices Video Contest is not just about winning; it’s about being part of a community that values your voice and experiences. So, grab your camera, unleash your creativity, and join the fun!

We can’t wait to see your videos and hear your amazing stories. Good luck, Uquidians! 🎥🌟




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