Half the Bitcoin, Double the Insight: UQUID AMA with FoxWallet & Nabox Recap

19 min readApr 12, 2024
Uquid AMA with FoxWallet & Nabox

Date & Time: Apr 11th, 2024 (3 PM UTC)

Speaker: FoxWallet, Nabox Wallet, Uquid

Join us as we delve into the crucial insights from the recent UQUID AMA titled “Half the Bitcoin, Double the Insight,” featuring industry experts from FoxWallet, Nabox, and UQUID. Discover how the Bitcoin Halving is shaping the future of cryptocurrencies and what this means for users across the globe.

On April 11, 2024, UQUID hosted a pivotal AMA session with notable figures from FoxWallet and Nabox, discussing the recent Bitcoin Halving and its profound impact on the crypto market. This blog post offers a detailed recap of the discussions, focusing on the innovative responses and strategic adaptations by leading crypto services to navigate the new landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the Impact of Bitcoin Haliving: Insights from different industry leaders on how halving influences market dynamics and user engagement.
  • Strategic Innovations and Updates: Recent developments from Nabox, FoxWallet, and UQUID that highlight the evolving cryptocurrency ecosystem.
  • Future Outlook: Predictions and planned initiatives post-halving to enhance user experience and promote broader crypto adoption.

Introductions and Overview

The session opened with introductions by Catherine from the UQUID team, setting the stage for a comprehensive discussion on the transformative effects of the Bitcoin Halving. Representatives from Nabox, FoxWallet, and UQUID shared their unique perspectives and updates on their projects.

Project Innovations and Updates

  • Nabox Wallet introduced by Max, highlighted their cross-chain DID application enhancements and upcoming features like SwapBox V2.
  • FoxWallet, discussed by Natalie, showcased its integration with 70 different blockchains and its rebranding initiative aimed at boosting user engagement.
  • UQUID, represented by Lola, elaborated on their Shop-to-Earn experience and the integration of blockchain technology into e-commerce.

Discussion on Bitcoin Halving’s Impact

Impact on User Engagement and Activity

Max from Nabox Wallet shared that the anticipation of the Halving led to increased user engagement and a surge in trading activities. Post-Halving, this trend continued as the market adjusted to the new supply dynamics, often showing bullish behavior which traditionally follows such events.

Adoption Dynamics Among Different User Groups

Lola from UQUID emphasized how the Halving differentially impacts new versus experienced users. Newcomers are typically drawn by the hype and potential profit opportunities as the supply decreases, while seasoned users might adjust their portfolios to leverage the expected price increases. UQUID is supporting these shifts by enhancing educational resources and simplifying the crypto experience to accommodate the influx of new users and stabilize market participation.

Emerging Market Trends Post-Halving and ETF Approvals

Natalie from FoxWallet discussed the broader market reactions, particularly noting the increase in institutional interest following the Bitcoin ETF approvals. This has led to higher transaction volumes and more regulatory attention, with a focus on integrating and legitimizing cryptocurrency within traditional investment portfolios.

Risk Management in Times of Increased Volatility

Max explained how Nabox Wallet assists users in navigating the volatile periods surrounding the Halving. The wallet provides tools for asset management, secure transactions, and educational resources to help users make informed decisions and manage risks effectively.

Integrating DeFi Services Post-Halving

Natalie elaborated on the indirect effects of the Halving on decentralized finance (DeFi) services. Although the Halving might not immediately impact FoxWallet, it intensifies market speculation and interest, thereby accelerating the integration of DeFi services and fostering a surge in user engagement on their platform.

Future Developments and Enhancements

The panelists shared upcoming innovations aimed at enhancing user experience and promoting broader cryptocurrency adoption. These include optimizing user interfaces, introducing cross-chain swaps, expanding e-commerce offerings, and integrating new blockchain technologies like Solana.


The UQUID AMA with FoxWallet and Nabox provided profound insights into the current state and future of cryptocurrencies, particularly in light of the Bitcoin Halving. The session underscored the importance of innovation and adaptability in fostering a robust and user-friendly crypto ecosystem. As the market continues to evolve, these discussions become essential in shaping the strategies that will lead to more widespread adoption and integration of cryptocurrency technologies.

You can read the full text version of the AMA below. Some content from the AMA session has been edited to make it more accessible and reader-friendly

AMA Full Version

1. Introduction and Overview of the AMA


Hello and welcome, everyone! Thank you for joining us today for this special AMA session titled, ‘Half the Bitcoin, Double the Insight.’ I’m Catherine from the UQUID team, and I’ll be your host for today’s deep dive into how this pivotal event is shaping the future of cryptocurrency.

Today, we are joined by experts from Nabox Wallet, FoxWallet, and Uquid. Each will share their unique perspectives and insights on the recent Bitcoin Halving, its effects on the crypto market, and the innovative ways their services are adapting to these changes.

2. Question: Introduce your project and recent updates


Let’s kick off with our first agenda item today. We’ll hear about the recent updates and the core features of the wallets from our distinguished participants. First up, please welcome Max, the BD & Community Manager from Nabox Wallet. Max, the floor is yours to share the exciting developments at Nabox with us.


I am Max BD & Community Manager at Nabox Wallet, it’s a pleasure to join Uquid X Space today. Let me introduce Nabox wallet a real quick, Nabox is a cross-chain DID application built for Web3.

With Nabox, you can manage assets across different blockchains whether for DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, and other use cases that come up. Nabox is your gateway to the multi-chain world. Nabox uses an asymmetric cryptographic algorithm as the basis of Nabox’s DID. Users use the same set of keys and public keys to manage assets and data on different blockchains.

Currently Nabox is working on a few other updates like SwapBox V2 Version, and we support EVM Bitcoin, Cosmos and NULS. Nabox is more than a wallet, we have a complete ecosystem of products such as SwapBox which aggregates mainstream DEXs to provide users with asset exchange and asset cross-chain exchange, and intelligently find the best exchange path.


Thank you, Max, for those comprehensive updates. Seeing Nabox pushing the boundaries of blockchain usability and community engagement is exciting.

Next, we’d like to hear from Natalie, the CBO at FoxWallet. Natalie, please share with us the recent innovations and what’s new at FoxWallet.


First of all, thank you so much for always inviting Fox Wallet. We are very long term partners and it’s a good opportunity to catch up on what’s happening in the industry. And also share a bit more about what’s happening with us to the communities.

So as mentioned my name is Natalie and I do business development for Fox Wallet — a safe and user friendly decentralized self custody wallet that aims to serve as a gateway and kind of connector to the Web3 ecosystem. And at the same time tries to seamlessly integrate with the major blockchains like EVM Bitcoin, Solana, Cosmos.

To be more precise here we have currently integrated around 70 different blockchains. Also Fox Wallet available in a mobile version and a browser extension. The browser extension is a little bit limited to just one chain for various reasons but the mobile wallet itself provides you the opportunity to navigate around 70 different ones. On the mobile Fox wallet you have an opportunity to swap assets between the various chains which are powered by 1 inch — which is one of the leaders in the swap industry.

We have NFT support for Ethereum, Solana, Aptos and Sui. Also Fox Wallet has a discovery page where you can literally get access to all the network ecosystems, and that’s something that we did with Uquid as well so users can always find Uquid on a Fox Wallace Discover page. Press on the button and browse on Uquid within Fox Wallet without the need to jump anywhere or anything.

Fox Wallet also provides batch inscriptions for all of the chains that we have integrated which is another really cool feature and would kind of like just generally help use it in terms of bringing more functionality here.

Of course there’s always a lot of different marketing campaigns and very recently we have had a rebranding so the logo that you can see that I’m speaking from right now which are very very much like green color is the color of health.

We’ve had rebranding and we are currently having a rebranding campaign which is lasting the whole April and by the way Uquid is also participating in it and thank you so much the community for taking part in it.


Thank you, Natalie. And lastly, let’s welcome Ms. Lola from UQUID’s Business Development team. Lola will be sharing insights on how the recent Bitcoin Halving impacts the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Lola, we’re looking forward to your perspectives.


Thank you, Catherine, and hello, everyone, I’m Lola from the Business Development team at UQUID.

I’m currently using an Alpha Mobile Top-up account. This is a cutting-edge B2B solution we’ve developed to offer top-up and data services specially designed for businesses integrated with Web 3.0 technology. And about UQUID, we are on a mission to redefine the shopping experience through the innovative use of blockchain technology. We are proud to be at the forefront of the Web 3.0 e-commerce space, offering a unique Shop-to-Earn experience.

In today’s discussion, I’ll provide insights into how Bitcoin Halving has influenced cryptocurrency adoption and what this means for new and experienced users. And actually We at UQUID keenly observe these changes and are excited to explore this event’s evolving opportunities.

3. Introducing the topic and overview of AMA.


Thank you, Lola, Natalie, and Max, for those enlightening introductions to UQUID, FoxWallet, and Nabox. Now, let’s pivot to the core of our discussion today.

Our engaging topic for this AMA is ‘Half the Bitcoin, Double the Insight,’ focusing on the recent Bitcoin Halving.

This event is a significant milestone in the Bitcoin ecosystem that reduces the number of bitcoins generated per block, cutting the supply of new bitcoins in half.

This halving not only impacts the price of bitcoin due to the reduced supply but also has broader implications for the cryptocurrency market, including potential shifts in market dynamics, challenges, and opportunities that lie ahead.

Today, we’ll delve into what Bitcoin Halving means for the broader crypto ecosystem, explore its impact on various aspects of cryptocurrency, including adoption rates and market volatility, and discuss how project like Nabox, FoxWallet, and UQUID are adapting their strategies in this new environment.

4. Question: How is the Bitcoin Halving influencing user engagement and activity within your wallets, and what trends have you observed leading up to and following the event?


Now, let’s move forward with our first major topic of discussion. Max, the Bitcoin Halving is a monumental event within the crypto community that potentially alters user behavior and market dynamics. Could you share how this halving has influenced user engagement and activity within Nabox Wallet? What trends have you noticed both leading up to and following the event?


Thank you so much Catherine for this question, what we have noticed recently because of the Bitcoin halving subsequent Bull Run in full thing that cryptocurrency space is experiencing a significant interest and activity which is profoundly impacting user engagement within crypto wallets like Nabox.

Of course Nabox Wallet as a part of the product cryptocurrency ecosystem is also impressed by dynamics surrounding the Harving event and ensuring market funds. Nabox Wallet is designed to provide you with a secure and convenient way to show, manage and contact various cryptocurrencies. It plays a crucial role in fascinating user participation in the cryptocurrency market. As the Bitcoin Halving event approaches, users of the Nabox wallet may activate increased interest and activity as they seek to position themselves strategically ahead of the event.

Leading up to the Halving event, users of the Nabox wallet main vision include monitoring price movement, adjusting the portfolio and exploring new investment opportunities. Even I am a trader myself and I do all these things every day, the anticipation surrounding the hobby event often leads to heightened speculation, trading activity within the cryptocurrency community which can translate into increased condition and uses of the Nabox wallet.

Following the halving event the numbers forward may experience a search in user engagement as the market reacts to the new supply dynamics and potential price movements, historically halving event have been associated with Bullish sentiment and price appreciation in the cryptocurrency market which can attract more users to the Nabox Wallet as they see to capitalize upon opportunities.

So moreover the protocol test of a bull market in cryptocurrency further amplifies the impact of the hobby event on using engagement within a Nabox Wallet ecosystem. Thank you!


Thank you, Max, for that detailed breakdown. It’s fascinating to see how significant events like the Bitcoin Halving prompt user behavior and platform activity shifts. These insights help not only understand market dynamics but also anticipate future trends.

5. Question: How do you anticipate the recent Bitcoin Halving impacting the adoption of cryptocurrencies among both newbies and experienced users?


Continuing our exploration of Bitcoin Halving, we’ll focus on its broader implications for cryptocurrency adoption.

Lola, from UQUID, could you share your thoughts on how this recent Halving might affect new and experienced crypto users differently? What changes do you anticipate in the adoption landscape?


Thank you for the question, Catherine. The Bitcoin Halving significantly shapes the cryptocurrency landscape, influencing both new and experienced users differently.

Newcomers are drawn to the market by the media buzz and the potential for profit as Bitcoin’s supply decreases, leading to a surge in engagement. To support these new users, we’re enhancing our educational resources to help them make informed decisions and safely navigate their entry into crypto.

Experienced users see the Halving as an opportunity to adjust their portfolios, anticipating that the reduced supply will lead to price increases. This often results in increased trading activity, which can help stabilize the market through heightened liquidity.

At UQUID, we’re responding to these shifts by broadening the adoption and normalization of cryptocurrency transactions for everyday purchases.

We are continually evolving our platform to simplify the crypto experience, making it more accessible for new users and enhancing functionality for our existing community. This approach not only supports current market participants but also prepares us to welcome a broader user base as the appeal of cryptocurrencies grows post-Halving.


Fantastic insights, Lola. It’s evident that the Bitcoin Halving is a key driver of growth and change within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, impacting user behaviors and the adoption landscape extensively

6. Question: Have you observed any emerging trends or any notable shifts recently following the trending of Bitcoin after Bitcoin ETF and Bitcoin Halving?


Shifting our focus to market trends, let’s hear from FoxWallet. Natalie, following the introduction of the Bitcoin ETF and the recent Bitcoin Halving, have you observed any emerging trends or notable shifts in the market? How has this impacted user behavior or investment strategies?


In terms of bitcoin halving, I guess you can’t really see as much yet because usually it doesn’t happen right away, yeah it needs a few weeks at least, you know to kind of sink in and things start happening.

But in terms of the Bitcoin ETF approval, well it there’s been quite a few things I guess one of the top ones is generally the increased institutional interest right, because even now like when you would see Bitcoin crypto news every single day yeah there would be one section that is related to prices and stuff, and the other one would be related to the transaction volume on Bitcoin etfs themselves, yes so I guess it’s kind of like it’s important on that side and also in the fact that it just Bitcoin ETF, they opened doors to more institutional and traditional investors to enter this kind of market and also kind of like helped obviously with the adoption and generally the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies. It shows a bit more the the fact that institutional investors are the the approve bitcoin itself, the approve a certain cryptocurrency is at least which is good for industry as well guys.

And other important things started happening which something that would usually happen after the Bitcoin halving but it actually started with the Bitcoin ETF before that happened is of course price for fertility there’s you know just there’s a lot of kind of jumps there right and that contributed to the price of the Bitcoin. And I guess within the next few weeks or month the halving itself will also have a huge impact on the Bitcoin price and generally the way how it moves on all these fluctuations.

Another thing is probably the Alt Surgeon General, of course Bitcoin is still the main one, it’s a dominant cryptocurrency.

The approval of Bitcoin etfs kind of sparked more interest toward alternative tokens, so yeah of course there’s larger trading volumes and the prices are fluctuating as well in this case, there’s another like not the best side to that is the the regulations obviously the regulatory side of it, because there’s more institutional involvement as mentioned before so regulators kind of they might push a bit more for intensifying the focus in the cryptocurrency market, paying more attention to that and stuff and generally trying to establish kind of clearer rules for crypto industry behavior, which is on one side of course is good, it’s always important for us to also understand which what we have to what kind of rules and guidelines we have to follow in our industry.

That’s fantastic but also at the same time there might be too much pressure on the cryptocurrency businesses.

And well I guess last but not the least is like tech just the tax side of it the innovation in the tax side from the bitcoin ETF approval and halving usually brings more innovation in the cryptocurrency space and developers and interpreters to try to just explore new innovations, you know participate more in the DeFi space.


Thank you, Natalie, for that comprehensive overview. The Bitcoin ETF and Halving have played pivotal roles in shaping the current and future landscape of the cryptocurrency market. Your insights provide a closer look at how platforms like FoxWallet are evolving to meet the market’s changing needs

7. Question: As the cryptocurrency market undergoes periods of increased volatility surrounding the Halving, how does your wallet assist users in managing their portfolios and mitigating risks associated with market fluctuations?


Let’s continue with another crucial aspect of cryptocurrency management — risk mitigation during volatile periods. Max, given the increased volatility around events like the Bitcoin Halving, could you explain how Nabox Wallet helps users manage their portfolios and mitigate the risks associated with these market fluctuations?


So the answer is quite simple, Nabox Wallet is just like many other crypto currency wallets at this, it typically provides use of several features and tools to help manage assets. First of all it allows users to check the value of their cryptocurrency holdings. This feature helps users stay informed about their investment performance and make informed decisions based on market movements.

Second thing is that the Nabox wallet helps users to manage assets securely and efficiently. This includes functions such as sending, receiving and storing various crypto assets. During periods of volatility, users may need to execute periodically to take advantage of favorable market conditions or to protect their assets. And Nabox can help users to do this and other the most important part is about security well uh security is paramount in the cryptocurrency space.

Nabox is a decentralized wallet, we don’t manage your private keys and password, users must be familiar with the features and functions of decentralized wallet such as backing up and managing their own private keys and the most important thing is do not authorize on unfamiliar Dapps etc.

So it’s a suggestion for the community um we always try to deliver some information to user in our forum social media techniques to help user better understand market dynamics and risk management techniques we always educate users to be better able to respond to volatile market conditions and make informed decisions about their investment portfolios.

The last thing is that while a wallet can provide valuable tools and resources, ultimately users are responsible for their own investment decision and should exercise caution in the volatile cryptocurrency market. Thanks so much for the question.


Thank you, Max. It’s reassuring to know that Nabox Wallet has robust tools and educational resources to support users during unpredictable market conditions. This proactive approach helps in risk mitigation and enhances the overall user experience.

8. Question: What impact does Bitcoin Halving have on developing and integrating DeFi services on your wallet?


Moving on to another exciting aspect of cryptocurrency’s evolution post-Halving, let’s delve into decentralized finance or DeFi. Natalie, could you share with us how the Bitcoin Halving has impacted the development and integration of DeFi services on FoxWallet?


I mean in general probably it wouldn’t have a direct or like a straight away impact on Fox Wallet right away because it would usually impact first the broader market itself right: the DeFi space and I guess like considering of just generally there will be more speculation and more anticipation among the investors right and among the general audience so participation in general right and in terms of integrating DeFi I guess there’s gonna be a lot of market sentiment as I mentioned you know this kind of excitement.

So how does halving itself work, there’s less because of the halving there’s less tokens. So in this case there will be less supply meaning that this will dry up the price enhance, there will be much more anticipation, much more excitement and much more need of Bitcoin enhanced. Users will be much more keen to trade and participate in the whole DeFi space.

And of course there’s going to be an increased interest, increased investment and in DeFi projects and services hence that’s when the wallet comes in as this kind of tool that serves as a platform where users can do this, so as well that it is obviously important to have trading tools for example and generally bring a very safe and easy to use space as well where users can just generally store the tokens or swap them or do any other kind of managing of their tokens in general.

So that’s when the wallet comes in more like a platform and of course it would increase the engagement of the wallet as a platform as well. There will be a surge of users at the same time cause there will be new users, older users trying to manipulate.

Another thing on the broader scale would be this kind of more attention to decentralization as well right because we’re talking about the Defi decentralized finance. right which is actually the core of our industry and something that we’re kind of thriving for.

Potentially halving would lead to more focus and resources that would be allocated to DeFI projects and if these DeFI projects are available on our non custodial decentralized wallet then of course everything makes a lot of sense. Probably would again point out the whole drive for innovation as well cause halving is something that you know anything that brings a lot of attention, also thrives for more development. Bitcoin halving would bring a lot of that and hopefully that would eventually influence as well.


Thank you, Natalie, for that thorough explanation. It’s fascinating to see how significant events like the Bitcoin Halving are intertwined with the growth and evolution of DeFi services. FoxWallet’s proactive approach in integrating these services clearly demonstrates a strong commitment to meeting user needs and shaping the future of finance

9. Could you provide insights into any upcoming features or developments planned for your project to enhance user experience and promote broader cryptocurrency adoption after the Bitcoin Halving event? (Nabox, FoxWallet, Uquid)


As we conclude our insightful session, I’d like to ask each panelist to share some upcoming features or developments within their projects that aim to enhance user experience and promote broader cryptocurrency adoption following the Bitcoin Halving event. Let’s start with you, Max, from Nabox.


So our development team has been optimizing and promoting the product construction of an ecosystem with the goal of providing users with a safe and easy to use cryptocurrency wallet. Our Swapbox it intergentally defines the best chain path currently our vector and optimize Swapbox V2 has entered that testing stage and will be launched soon it will provide a new UI interface support crossal instruction between Bitcoin and other blockchains and aggregate more data channels to provide use of it faster and most efficient.

Recently we are also integrating the Solana Blockchain, we got a lot of feedback and sentiment from our community to integrate Solana. so we believe that we will soon provide various voice and Dapps services for Solana.


Fantastic, Max. It sounds like Nabox is well-prepared for the future. Next, let’s hear from Natalie at FoxWallet. Natalie?


Regarding the news from us as I mentioned before saying that we would like to bring more interferability to the wallet just so that it’s a very functionable platform again and we will be introducing cross chain swaps on Fox Wallet that users will be able to move different funds to different chains easily within the wallet. Which I am personally very much looking forward to and I think it would be a great tool for users to use.

Especially that the market will be very dynamic then of course we’ll be adding new networks and we’re working on that. And that’s something also we’re trying to kind of focus on recently and BRC20 networks then we are planning to to launch an AA account of wallet at some point. Wallets will also bring a lot of ease towards using a wallet especially the market is already in the Bull Run.

But then after the halving we’re expecting more in my even more engagement and if we use it to create a wallet easily with an AA, and hopefully we’ll have a staking pretty soon I think that should be literally the end of April or beginning of May

which is another very cool thing with a very big partner, it’s a good tool so for users to actually earn some profits with staking their funds

Well last but not the least I already mentioned that we will be introducing NFTs on another chain but I won’t be disclosing which chain it is yet.


Very innovative, Natalie. FoxWallet is clearly pushing the boundaries on what a crypto wallet can do. Lastly, let’s hear from Lola at UQUID. Lola?


Thank you, Catherine. The Bitcoin Halving significantly impacts how we at UQUID enhance our platform to integrate cryptocurrencies into everyday transactions better.

This past year, we’ve expanded our e-commerce offerings to include over 160 million products, ranging from everyday items to digital goods and NFTs, aligning with our goal to revolutionize the crypto marketplace.

Following the Halving, we’ve introduced flexible payment solutions like ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ and expanded our payment options to include new tokens, catering to a broader user base. We’ve also enhanced the shopping experience by launching a Daily Deals section, providing unbeatable prices on selected products, and streamlining shopping categories to improve navigation.

Moreover, we’ve upgraded our Mobile Topup services to cover more operators globally and integrated directly with PayPal for easier transactions. These improvements make transactions smoother and encourage new and existing users to utilize cryptocurrencies for their purchases more frequently.

Our partnerships with leading wallet services have ensured these transactions are seamless and secure, helping build trust and expand our user base worldwide. All in all, These initiatives are part of our bigger vision to establish UQUID as the premier e-commerce platform for crypto users, and we’re excited about what the future holds as we continue to adapt and innovate in response to market changes.



Thank you, Lola. It’s exciting to see UQUID’s commitment to adapting and expanding services to meet the needs of the crypto community, especially post-Halving.

And, of course, thank you, Max and Natalie, for sharing such valuable insights and detailed plans for your respective projects. It’s clear that each of your platforms is making significant strides in adapting to the changes brought about by Bitcoin Halving and pushing the envelope in the blockchain and cryptocurrency spaces.

To our audience, we hope today’s discussion has deepened your understanding of how critical events like the Bitcoin Halving influence the crypto ecosystem, and how project like Nabox, FoxWallet, and UQUID are innovating to enhance user experiences and expand crypto adoption.

Thank you once again to our speakers for the enlightening contributions and to all of you for your participation. Stay safe, and continue exploring the exciting world of cryptocurrencies. Goodbye for now.

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