From Frustration to Freedom: Uquid and Crypto in E-Shopping

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In the last couple of decades, e-commerce has dramatically transformed our shopping habits. The comfort of ordering a product from the sofa and having it delivered to your doorstep is unparalleled. Yet, for all its advancements, the e-commerce landscape still poses several challenges to consumers.

However, platforms like UQUID are evolving the narrative by offering solutions to these persistent problems. Let’s deep dive into three significant challenges of traditional e-shopping and see how UQUID is innovating the space.

From Frustration to Freedom: Uquid and Crypto in E-Shopping

Limited Payment Options and High Transaction Fees

The Challenge

A significant majority of e-commerce platforms, especially the established ones, still rely heavily on traditional payment systems. Credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and a few digital wallets dominate the scene. This reliance doesn’t just narrow down payment options but can also levy high transaction fees on users.

Consider cross-border shopping: According to reports, international transaction fees can range from 1% to 3%. These percentages, although seemingly small, can significantly affect the final amount on sizable purchases or accumulate noticeably over multiple transactions.

UQUID’s Solution

UQUID is more than just an e-commerce platform; it’s a forward-thinking ecosystem. By integrating cryptocurrency payments, UQUID doesn’t just offer an additional payment method; it revolutionizes the payment experience. Cryptocurrencies inherently defy borders and, as such, remove the constraints of currency conversions and the associated exorbitant fees.

A Juniper Research study estimated that blockchain technology could save businesses $27 billion in cross-border transaction fees by 2030. By accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, UQUID ensures users get a taste of these savings right now.

Uquid compares to Traditional E-Shopping

Geographical Restrictions and Product Availability

The Challenge

How often have e-shoppers been lured by a product, only to discover that it doesn’t ship to their country? Or that a sought-after digital service is region-locked? These geographical limitations are not just frustrating but can make consumers feel left out of global trends. According to a study by IPC, 36% of online shoppers abandoned a purchase because the retailer did not ship to their country.

UQUID’s Solution

Where others see barriers, UQUID sees bridges. With a presence in over 200 countries, UQUID ensures that every user, regardless of their geographical location, has access to its vast array of products and services.

The platform’s philosophy revolves around inclusivity and democratization, ensuring that digital and physical goods are accessible to all. By doing so, UQUID doesn’t just expand its customer base but also fosters a sense of global community, where every user feels valued.

Inflexibility in Product Offerings and Services

The Challenge

The digital age is replete with ever-evolving needs. While many e-commerce platforms stick to a fixed inventory of physical products, there’s a growing demand for diverse digital goods and services. From software licenses to digital subscriptions, the modern consumer’s needs are as varied as they are dynamic.

The UQUID Difference

UQUID isn’t just ahead of the curve; it’s shaping it. Beyond offering tangible products, it brings to the table an expansive range of digital services like top-ups, eSims, and gift cards. This holistic approach ensures users don’t need to switch platforms for different needs. It’s a one-stop solution, ensuring that whether a user wants a gadget from a different continent or a subscription service from a neighboring country, they find it all under one digital roof.


The journey of e-commerce has been nothing short of remarkable. Yet, for it to remain relevant and user-centric, it needs continuous evolution. By understanding the intrinsic challenges of the domain and offering innovative solutions, platforms like UQUID are not just enhancing the e-shopping experience but are also setting the tone for the future of digital commerce.

About Uquid

Launched in 2016, Uquid pioneers in applying DeFi and Web 3.0 to E-commerce that aims to bring the best Shop to Earn experience to customers with verified merchants, exclusive deals, cashbacks and Payin3 with Crypto.

Throughout the years, Uquid still keeps its fantastic performance with continuous growth and the best effort to upgrade their store following the official Roadmap. With the largest selections of over 150 million physical, digital and NFTs products listed and comprehensive shipping services to over 200 countries around the world, Uquid is confident in serving any demand of customers in the Metaverse.

Users shopping at Uquid are offered flexible and convenient payment methods including cryptocurrency, fiat or wallets. Uquid’s ambition is to dominate the crypto marketplace by offering Buy Now Pay Later option to customers. Uquid Payin3 is all about protecting crypto futures value, by delaying the payment in three installments for 90 days, interest-free. With many years of building an infrastructure for Ecommerce in Metaverse, Uquid has found the easiest and safest way for customers to access their money and shop online.






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