Exploring the Evolution of Black Friday: From Tradition to the Modern Shopping Frenzy

5 min readNov 23, 2023

Imagine lines circling department stores, scuffles over products, and massive crowds spilling out of retailers’ doors — a common sight during the notorious Black Friday sales. If you revel in snatching up deals on this crazy day, providing a welcome distraction from the world’s chaos, have you ever wondered why it’s called “Black Friday”? Discover the true origins and evolution of this annual shopping extravaganza in this article.

Exploring the Evolution of Black Friday: From Tradition to the Modern Shopping Frenzy

Unmasking the Dark Origins of the Name

You might be familiar with the seemingly wholesome tale of Black Friday, attributing its name to post-Thanksgiving shopping sprees putting retailers “in the black” for the year. However, the term had a more sinister past before the retail industry’s spin. In 1869, investors Jay Gould and Jim Fisk triggered a market crash by inflating gold prices, leading to a 20% stock market drop and significant economic repercussions. Later, in 1950s Philadelphia, locals revived the term to describe the chaotic day between Thanksgiving and the Army-Navy football game.

Source: BlackFriday.com

Embracing Positivity: Retailers’ Spin on Black Friday

Retailers, displeased with the gloomy connotations of “Black Friday,” decided to put a positive spin on it. The name was reinvented to reflect how accountants used red ink for losses and black for profits, marking the day when stores finally turned a profit. This rebranding stuck, turning Black Friday into a season-long event that birthed additional shopping holidays such as Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday’s Evolution: Brick-and-Mortar Madness

Retailers today may not dwell on the name’s origin, but they capitalize on its global recognition to drive substantial yearly sales. In 2021, online sales alone hit a record $7.2 billion, up 14% from the previous year. In 2023, major brands like Amazon, Walmart, and Target initiated Black Friday discounts weeks in advance. According to a Coveo report, 58% of retailers focused on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to boost fourth-quarter revenues.

Key players consistently stand out in offering attractive discounts:

- Amazon: Known for diverse deals across various product categories.

- Walmart: Renowned for doorbuster deals and competitive pricing.

- Target: Popular for deals on electronics, children’s products, clothing, and home goods.

E-commerce Dominance: More Deals from Top Platforms

Black Friday stands as the strongest revenue-generating day for online retailers, with 2022 sales reaching $11.3 billion, as reported by Adobe. For online merchants, the revenue potential extends into Cyber Monday. Major e-commerce platforms are amping up the excitement with unbeatable deals and discounts

  • Shopee: From tech gadgets to fashion finds, Shopee offers discounts of up to 70% off, flash sales, limited-time offers and freeship codes.
  • Lazada: 80% discounts on a wide range of products, including electronics, home essentials, and fashion. Lazada also has flash sales and voucher codes add an extra layer of savings.
  • eBay: Everything from rare collectibles to the latest tech gadgets will be on sale from 50–70%

As the Black Friday madness extends across these top-tier e-commerce platforms, shoppers can revel in a feast of discounts, promotions, and exclusive offers. Be sure to check each platform for specific deals, flash sales, and additional surprises, making this Black Friday a shopping event to remember! Happy deal hunting!

The Black Friday frenzy extends beyond traditional and online retail, captivating the Web3 community with its passion for cryptocurrency and digital innovations.

Uquid’s Web3 Black Friday Revolution: Unveiling Thousands of Crypto Deals

Uquid’s Web3 Black Friday Revolution: Unveiling Thousands of Crypto Deals

Uquid, breaking boundaries in the Web3 space, collaborated with 20 leading partners for an unprecedented Black Friday campaign. This union, a rarity in the Web3 arena, aims to provide the ultimate Shop-to-Earn experience. Partners like KyberSwap, Polygon, Gate.io, and others contribute unique strengths to this campaign.

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Shopping with crypto isn’t just convenient but also an intriguing expression of love for digital currency. Uquid offers thousands of cashback codes, discount vouchers, and jaw-dropping deals up to 80% off. Save significantly and indulge in your desired products during this festive season.

Explore a myriad of deals, including:

  • CRAZY DEALS: Embark on a digital journey with daily exclusive deals, unveiling products at discounts of up to 80% from 12:00 to 14:00 UTC.
  • SPECIAL CASHBACK CODES: Discover unique cashback codes of 10% on purchases using $TUSD, $USDD, $HIVE, and others. Top 100 spenders receive an extraordinary 20% cashback code for their next purchase.
  • DISCOUNT VOUCHERS: Unlock different savings levels with vouchers offering 5%, 10%, $0.5, and $1 discounts during specified time slots from 12:00 to 14:00 UTC and 20:00 to 24:00 UTC.

Specially, only from 23rd to 27th November, the discount vouchers will be available all day, in order to bring you the best shop-to-earn with crypto.

In addition, thousands of physical products, game cards, gift cards, travel cards, payment cards, tops-ups, and eSims await, accompanied by double-saving codes.

With an array of offers at ease, find the perfect deal anytime. Join us in exploring endless savings and make your festive season shopping a delight! Uquid’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday are eagerly awaiting you with a range of offers unlike anywhere else. Take the time to revel in thrilling moments and seize fantastic deals because we believe you deserve nothing but the best. Happy shopping, everyone!

Check out the Campaign details HERE

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