Empowering Moroccan Expats: How to Top Up Mobile Phones in Morocco Using UQUID and Cryptocurrency

3 min readApr 13, 2024


Ever felt the frustration of trying to support family back home when you’re thousands of miles away? Imagine you’re Suleiman, originally from Marrakech, Morocco, now a barista in bustling Barcelona, Spain. Here’s how a blend of crypto and UQUID’s services smoothed his path to keeping in touch across continents.

Suleiman’s days start early, prepping coffee for the early rush of sleepy, caffeine-starved locals. He sends money home regularly to help his family, but the high fees and long transaction times of traditional banks always gnawed at him. His challenge? To find a faster, cheaper way to support his family back in Morocco.

One serene Tuesday morning, while scrolling through his phone during a break, Suleiman stumbled upon a thread on Reddit discussing cryptocurrency solutions for expatriates looking to send funds home. Curious, he learned about UQUID and their “Alpha Mobile Top Up” service available through a Binance mini-app. It promised instant mobile top-ups using crypto — Bitcoin, Ethereum, among others. A spark of hope lit in him.

With his modest savings converted into cryptocurrency, Suleiman decided to give it a try. His mother’s phone back in Marrakech had been disconnected last month due to unpaid bills — a situation all too common given the cumbersome process of international money transfers. He downloaded the Binance app, connected to the UQUID Alpha Mobile Top Up service, and followed the simple instructions.

Here’s what he did in the Alpha Mobile Topup mini-apps on Binance Marketplace

  1. Select the Country and Carrier: He chose Morocco and the local carrier.
  2. Enter the Mobile Number: He carefully typed his mother’s number.
  3. Choose the Top-Up Amount: Opted for a sufficient amount to ensure his mother wouldn’t run out of credit anytime soon.
  4. Payment via Crypto: He used ETH to pay for the top-up.

Within minutes, his mother called him — her phone service miraculously restored. The joy and relief in her voice were palpable. She was thrilled not just because her phone was working again, but because they had discovered a new, economical way to manage her phone bills regularly without the hefty fees.

Suleiman’s experiment with UQUID wasn’t just successful; it was revelatory. He now tops up his mother’s phone bi-weekly, enjoying the low fees and the absence of bureaucratic red tape. More importantly, it brought him peace of mind knowing he can support his family promptly and efficiently.

This isn’t just Suleiman’s story — it’s a testament to the potential of fintech solutions like UQUID, transforming how expatriates manage their finances, turning what was once a logistical nightmare into a few simple taps on a phone.

About the Author

This story of connection and innovation is brought to you by Suleiman, a young Moroccan expatriate living in Barcelona, Spain. While he serves coffee by day, he navigates the world of cryptocurrency and digital solutions by night, constantly searching for better ways to care for his family back in Marrakech. When he’s not behind the counter or glued to his phone, Suleiman enjoys exploring Spanish culture and the scenic beauty of Catalonia.




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