Crypto Craze: Why Gen Z is Ditching Stocks for Bitcoin and Uquid is Their Shopping Hub

3 min readApr 19, 2024

The financial landscape is shifting, and young adults are leading the charge. A recent PolicyGenius survey revealed a startling trend: over one-fifth of young people in the US now own cryptocurrency. This preference for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum over traditional investment options like stocks and bonds highlights a generational shift in financial thinking. Uquid, as the leading Web3 e-commerce platform, is also witnessing the similar pattern, as there are more and more young customers.

Let’s look into this trend in Web3 and e-commerce with us in this blog!

Gen Z Leads the Charge

The survey paints a clear picture: Gen Z, the generation born between 1997 and 2012, is the most crypto-enthusiastic demographic. A whopping 20% of Gen Z respondents reported owning cryptocurrency, compared to only 18% who invest in stocks. This enthusiasm extends to NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), with 9% of Gen Z owning them compared to just 8% of millennials.

PolicyGenius also pointed out that the generational differences in crypto ownership are stark. While younger generations show a higher propensity for crypto investments, older generations lag behind significantly. Among Gen X respondents, 10% reported owning cryptocurrency, with 4% delving into the world of NFTs. In comparison, a mere 5% of baby boomers hold crypto assets, and a mere 1% have ventured into the realm of NFT ownership.

The disparity extends beyond crypto to encompass traditional investments like real estate. When combining Gen Z and millennial investment rates, 21% own cryptocurrency, nearly mirroring the 20% who own real estate within the same age bracket. However, older investors demonstrate a clear preference for real estate, with a staggering 45% of boomers investing in this asset class.

These findings shed light on the complex interplay between generational demographics and investment choices. While younger individuals may be drawn to cryptocurrency due to its accessibility and potential for high returns, barriers such as housing shortages and soaring property prices may hinder their ability to invest in real estate. As a result, alternative investment avenues like crypto gain traction among younger cohorts seeking diversified portfolios.

Why Crypto?

There are several reasons why Gen Z might be flocking to crypto:

Accessibility: Cryptocurrencies offer a lower barrier to entry compared to traditional investments. With platforms like Uquid, anyone can buy crypto with just a few clicks, using even small amounts of money.

Tech-Savvy Generation: Gen Z is a digital native generation, comfortable with new technologies and online transactions. Cryptocurrencies, with their decentralized nature and blockchain technology, resonate with their tech-forward mindset.

Long-Term Growth Potential: Many young adults see crypto as a potential path to wealth creation, offering a chance for significant returns compared to traditional, often stagnant, investment options.

Uquid: The E-Commerce Solution for Crypto-Savvy Gen Z

This is where Uquid steps in.Uquid is a revolutionary e-commerce platform designed specifically for the crypto generation. It understands the needs of young people, the unbanked, and those new to the crypto space. Here’s what makes Uquid the go-to shopping destination for Gen Z:

Shop with Crypto: Uquid allows users to seamlessly purchase a wide variety of more than 160M physical products and 200K digital products. They can use their cryptocurrency holdings. Whether it’s electronics, clothing, gift cards, or even mobile top-ups, Uquid offers a vast selection of items all purchasable with crypto.

User-Friendly Platform: Uquid boasts a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for anyone, regardless of technical experience, to navigate the platform and shop with confidence.

Security First: Uquid prioritizes security through smart contracts, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all transactions. This builds trust with young users who might be wary of traditional financial institutions.

The Future of Shopping is Here

The rise of cryptocurrency ownership among Gen Z is a clear sign of changing financial habits. Platforms like Uquid are at the forefront of this revolution, offering Gen Z and young adults a way to shop, invest, and manage their finances on their own terms. With its user-friendly approach and crypto-centric focus, Uquid is poised to become the go-to e-commerce platform for the crypto generation.

Are you ready to join the crypto shopping revolution? Visit Uquid today and discover a world of possibilities!




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