Black Friday AMA Recap: Uquid & — Exclusive Benefits for Crypto Users

13 min readNov 21, 2023

Recently, we had the pleasure of conducting an electrifying AMA in partnership with, focusing on the “Exclusive Benefits for Crypto Users” during this Black Friday season. The insightful discussion, helmed by Hana of Uquid and Henry from, delved into the innovative ways blockchain technology is reshaping the landscape of online shopping in the age of Web3.

Black Friday AMA: Uquid & — Exclusive Benefits for Crypto Users

Here’s a glimpse of the main themes and insights from the session:

Session Introduction:

  • Uquid initiated the AMA, discussing the role of Uquid in revolutionizing online shopping with Web3 technology.
  • shared insights on’s mission and strategic collaboration with Uquid.

Introduction of Uquid and Ongoing Campaign

  • Uquid introduced two significant campaigns:’s First Order Benefits Campaign and Uquid’s Black Friday Event.
  • Emphasized the combined efforts of Uquid, Gate, and other Web3 organizations in offering discounts up to 80%.

Q&A Session

  • Discussion on the achievements and future plans of the Uquid and partnership.
  • Highlighted the benefits of the Gate MiniApp as a shopping destination and its integration with Uquid.

Black Friday Promotion Details

  • Uquid’s Black Friday event was detailed, outlining various promotional plans including Crazy Deals, Physical Products shopping, Special Cashback Codes, and Discount Vouchers.
  • Uquid emphasized the ease of participation and the extensive range of deals available.

AMA Closing

  • The session concluded with a reminder about the Black Friday and Cyber Monday events.
  • Both speakers thanked the audience and emphasized the importance of community engagement.

Concluding Thoughts and Next Steps

  • The AMA provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of Web3 shopping and the unique benefits for crypto users.
  • Encouraged audience to visit Uquid’s Campaign Page for the Black Friday deals and to stay updated on future events.

For those who missed the AMA, this recap offers a comprehensive overview of the discussions and takeaways. Stay tuned to Uquid and for more exciting developments in the realm of Web3 shopping!

We’ve also got a complete recap right here for you to catch up on everything that transpired.

Section 1: Warm up and Speaker introduction UTC 8:00–8:10

[Hana — Uquid]: Hey everyone, we will start AMA in 2 minutes so that everyone can join in the space.

Hey, everyone! Welcome to this exclusive AMA session. I’m Hana, heading up the marketing team at Uquid. Alpha Mobile top-up is a B2B solution providing top up and data services for Web 3.0 generation businesses.

Today, we are serving more than 150 million customers globally through our partner network, helping their customers have the best mobile top-up experience..

Today is all about diving deep into the world of crypto benefits with our special guest from

Today’s topic is how Uquid and offer Exclusive Benefits for Crypto Users. Make sure you stick around till the end of this AMA. Why? Because you would get the comprehensive benefits through our on-going projects

Now, I’m thrilled to introduce our representative, who will shed light on the strategic collaboration between Uquid and

Could you please give us a quick intro about yourself and provide some insights into what is all about?
[Henry —]:
Hi friends and nice to meet you all, I’m Henry from (BD Manager of Gate Pay), and it’s an advance to crypto payments, Gate Pay was developed by I’m pretty happy and excited to join the AMA with you guys to introduce our Gate MiniApp for the first time and Black Friday campaign of Uquid. Thank you.

[Hana — Uquid]: Thank you so much for your welcoming introduction. Now, time for the speaker from Uquid. Turn on your mic and free to introduce yourself with us.

[Catherine — Uquid] Hello everyone! I’m Catherine, doing Business development at Uquid. Let me give you the lowdown on what we’re all about.

Back in 2016, Uquid kicked off a mission to revolutionize online shopping. We wanted to blend DeFi and Web 3.0 to give users a shopping experience like no other. And guess what? Fast forward, and we’ve been consistently upgrading our platform, sticking to our roadmap, and witnessing a remarkable growth.

Now, we’ve got the biggest selection with more than 160 million products, including physical items, digital goods, and even the NFTs.But Uquid doesn’t just stop at traditional retail; we’ve got a buzzing NFT marketplace and a digital store.

What makes us stand out? Well, we’ve integrated in some DeFi cashback and staking rewards, allowing users to connect their digital wallets seamlessly. And here’s the kicker — our PayIn3 feature. Shop with crypto, split your payment into three easy chunks, and the best part? No interest or fees. It’s like “Buy Now, Pay Later” in the crypto universe. How cool is that?

Section 2: Introduction of Uquid and ongoing campaign — UTC 8:10–8:15

[Hana — Uquid]: Before we dive into today’s main discussion, let me give you a quick overview of two ongoing projects that bring exciting benefits to users.

Firstly, our friends at have rolled out the First Order Benefits Campaign in the Gate MiniApp, starting this November. This special campaign extends a warm welcome to new users who haven’t experienced the MiniApp Center yet. It’s designed to ensure you get the most out of your initial shopping adventure, offering fantastic discounts and the exclusive joy of your first purchase on Gate MiniApp.

Now, let’s talk about the much-anticipated Black Friday Event, a collaborative effort by Uquid, Gate, and 20 other leading Web3 organizations. This event is your golden ticket to incredible discounts of up to 80%. You still have nearly two weeks to join in, so don’t miss out on the chance to snag your favorite items at unbeatable prices. Get ready for an exciting shopping spree!

Section 3: Pre-selected Questions

Remind Partnership

[Hana — Uquid]: Could you walk us through the significant milestones achieved in the partnership between Uquid and up to this point?

[Catherine — Uquid] We’re thrilled about teaming up with, a seasoned crypto exchange, to merge Uquid’s robust web 3.0 infrastructure with’s extensive user base. Our mission? To create a super user-friendly Web3.0 marketplace.

Guess what’s happening? Uquid is stepping onto the MiniApp, a fantastic platform embedded right into’s mobile app. This means millions of users can seamlessly dive into Web3 online shopping through our partnership.

This collaboration aligns perfectly with Uquid’s strategy to weave Web3.0 and DeFi into the fabric of daily life, we can reach a broader audience in a more convenient way. The MiniApp partnership opens up exciting possibilities, allowing Uquid to deeply integrate with the ecosystem, offering advanced decentralized features and tapping into a larger userbase. It’s all about growth and providing innovative Web3 shopping solutions to our global customers in the expanding world of e-commerce and crypto.

[Hana — Uquid]: Let’s focus on user benefits: What features make Gate MiniApp an appealing destination for shoppers and Gate Pay, a reliable payment option?

[Henry —]:
Yes, firstly we are happy to collaborate with Uquid. And we hope to create more partnerships in the upcoming future.

For our Gate MiniApp, we offer an appealing destination for shoppers with several innovative features. In addition to the exclusive first-time order discount this time, users can also benefit from other discounts from buying from other merchants. MiniApp has a variety of products and services.

As for our Gate Pay, the crypto payment gateway, it serves as reliable payment options and ensures secure, seamless transactions. Efficient Data Integration of Gate Pay into MiniApp simplifies the checkout process, offering users a trustworthy and efficient payment experience.

Gate Mini app has all kind of service and products that you want in Crypto world — not just trading but for shopping and enjoying life

Remind about the First-time order discount campaign

[Hana — Uquid]: Can you provide specifics about the “First-time order” campaign jointly conducted by Uquid and Gate for users making their first purchase on Gate MiniApp?

[Henry —]: For ‘First-time order’ customers, they will find many attractive deals such as discount vouchers, promotions, etc. We are also very grateful to Uquid and the partners participating in this campaign for their full support in bringing these attractive deals to users.

[Hana — Uquid]: What types of deals can users anticipate, and what advantages do these deals bring to users this time around?

[Henry —]: The products that customers should look forward to the most in this round will mainly revolve around gift cards. Of course, there are still many equally attractive deals coming up, offering more choices for customers. But for now, the best deals are probably on gift cards, with some discounts up to 20%.

[Hana — Uquid]: Why do Uquid choose these products to offer and what else users can expect after making their first purchase?

[Catherine — Uquid]: Alright! Wondering why we picked these products at Uquid Shop? Well, we’ve got the cool stuff like Mobile Legends, iTunes Gift Cards, Bigo Live, Direct Topup, PUBG Mobile, and Random 1 Key. And here’s the kicker — if you’re a first-timer at Gate, you get a sweet 20% off on these picks.

For a seamless experience, don’t forget to visit the Gate Campaign page, follow the download instructions, and discover your favorites directly on the Gate Mini App. The link will take you straight to the Uquid website, where you can make instant payments and enjoy the special discounts.

[Hana — Uquid]: For users new to the campaign, could you guide how they can locate and enjoy it?

[Henry —]: Absolutely, first, users need to download the latest Gate app from our official website.

Second, log in to your personal account and scroll down on the homepage.

Third, there will be a campaign notification when you access the Mini App Center.

Then, you can choose the product you like and make a purchase.

By the way, once you complete your order, you won’t be able to participate in the discount campaign again.

Remind about the Black Friday promotion

[Hana — Uquid]: All information is on the Gate Campaign Page. Now, you can visit and shop around

[Hana — Uquid]: Let’s delve into the overall details of the campaign: What specific advantages can users on anticipate during Uquid’s Black Friday campaign?

[Catherine — Uquid]: Throughout the event, users can snag discount codes for over millions of products on the Uquid website, thanks to exclusive promotions from our strategic partners.

During this event, we provide 5 promotional plans, as below:

Crazy Deals: from 12:00 to 14:00 UTC everyday, we offer a selection of digital products with the discount up to 80%. This is the limited-time opportunity, so grab your chance and save a lot.

Physical Products shopping: The categories include but are not limited to Hot deals today, trending Items, Hot Items, Men and women’s clothing, cell phones and telecommunications, etc with 160 million products on website at

Special Cashback Codes

In this remarkable section, you’ll find a selection of 7 types of cashback vouchers, each offering 10% cashback when shopping with stable coins like $TUSD, $USDD, $VAI from Venus Protocol, $HIVE, $FLUX, $BDX from Beldex and $ARPA. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. The top 100 spenders will receive an extraordinary 20% cashback code for their next purchase.

Discount Vouchers

In this section, you’ll find a variety of discount vouchers offering different levels of savings, including 5% discount, 10% discount, $0.5 discount and $1 discount during checkout. These vouchers are available during specific time slots each day, from 12:00 to 14:00 UTC and 20:00 to 24:00 UTC

More Deals: for digital products including payment cards (prepaid credit cards), game cards, gift cards, top-up options, mobile recharge, software and eSIMs, all at significant discounts, all payable with cryptocurrencies

[Hana — Uquid]: I think it’s enough information for this question

In terms of guidance for potential users, especially concerning Gate Pay, are there specific tips you can share to ensure they have the most seamless experience participating in the Black Friday campaign?

[Catherine — Uquid]: For sure! If you’re looking to rock the Black Friday vibes with Gate Pay at Uquid, here are some cool tips to make your shopping spree super smooth:

During the entire duration of this event, make sure to visit our Campaign Page. Explore various items, add your favorites to your cart, select your preferred discount plan, and claim it during the checkout process.

You can enjoy the double discount at Uquid #BlackFriday2023 promotion when purchasing a discounted item and then applying the Discount or Cashback Code!

Don’t forget to Tailor your experience by choosing from a variety of discount plans based on the promotional timeline.

Please Stay in the loop and stay connected with us through our social media channels and the primary channels. Follow Uquid on Twitter for real-time updates on the top and most sought-after digital and physical deals.

Make sure to Reach out to us through various platforms such as Telegram, Freshdesk Hub, and our Twitter page. And remember, our 20 partners are also at your service. We’re committed to providing 24/7 support whenever you need assistance.

Question for both Speakers:

[Hana — Uquid]: There is a fact that: on this Black Friday promotion, within the Crazy Deals and More Deals section, Uquid has chosen many well-demanded items from the Gate community, such as Razor Gold game card, Steam, PUBG game card, etc. What do you think about this? Is this a big benefit for Gate users?

[Catherine — Uquid]: These are not only favorites among Gate users but also among the broader Uquid user base. In the Crazy Deals section of the Campaign Page, you’ll discover a curated list of Game Cards and Gift Cards, featuring popular choices like Free Fire, Mobile Legends, Razor Gold, Likee, Google Card, Flipkart, and more.

More than that, As part of the Black Friday event, we’re hosting a side mini-game on Zelly, featuring collaborations with Gate and other sponsor partners such as KyberSwap, HIVE, and Nobox. There are some info you need to know:

✅The minigame is available from 13th Nov until 20th Nov, 23:59 UTC

There are 2 kinds of rewards:

✅ 50 token vouchers ($5 each, reward in $FLUX or $HIVE or $TUSD) will be distributed randomly to the first top 500 users who complete all the required tasks.

✅100 discount vouchers (10% cashback, apply for orders paid with $FLUX, $HIVE, $BDX, $VAI, $TUSD) will be distributed randomly to everyone who joins and completes all the required tasks.

And small note for everyone is that: The eligible order is the one that has been paid successfully regardless of payment method. In addition, there is no minimum or maximum amount of order value, and all kinds of discount codes and cashback codes can be applied.

[Henry —]: Thank you, Catherine and Hannah. Absolutely, these well-demanded items are significant benefits for our gate users, and these items are widely sought after in our gate community and reflecting a thoughtful curation of deals that align with the interests and preferences of users.

This not only enhances the value of the Black Friday promotion, but also provides a tailored, discounted experience for our gate users who can enjoy the discounts on products they really desire.

[Hana — Uquid]: Additionally, are there any plans to expand the range of products or introduce new promotions for both new and existing users in the near future?

[Henry —]: Absolutely, we have exciting plans for the near future. We are actively exploring opportunities to expand the range of products available on our platform, like ticket booking, hotels, and so on.

Ensuring a more diverse and enriched shopping experience for both new and existing users. Additionally, we are committed to introducing new promotions that cater to the varied interests of our user base.

Stay tuned for updates as we strive to continuously enhance our offerings and provide a compelling incentive for everyone on the GATE Mini app.

[Catherine — Uquid]: Following the success of the partnership that Uquid lists many Mini Apps on Gate MiniApp platform: Uquid shop, Alpha Topup, Topup Games, Gift Cards, Game Cards, Steam Cards Store, Transportation, eSims and Payment cards, the integration with Gate Pay now strengthens the relationship between and Uquid.

In the future, and Uquid will cooperate to explore more Web3.0-based shopping, provide enhanced high-quality and reliable experience for shoppers, and promise to bring many attractive and exclusive promotions to the entire users of both communities.

Section 4: AMA Closing

[Hana — Uquid] A big thank you to everyone for being part of today’s session! As we conclude, we want to emphasize the incredible opportunities available during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday event on the Uquid platform. Don’t miss out — head over to the Campaign Page, discover exclusive offers, and seize the discounts and rewards.

And our speakers, do you want to say goodbye to our audience before ending this AMA? Feel free to share your thoughts.

[Henry —]: In the end, I have to say thank you very much to you, Uquid. We are pretty happy and excited to collaborate with you. So we hope in the future we can collaborate to support more discounts to our users. And that’s all. Thank you for everyone. Thanks for your coming.

[Hana — Uquid] Stay tuned with us and our partners across social media for the latest on upcoming AMAs and events.

Wishing you all farewell and happy shopping!

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