Announcement of UQC listing on ProBit Exchange with UQC/BTC and UQC/ETH Pairs.

Dear UQC Users,

Uquid is pleased to announce that, UQC is listing on the ProBit Exchange Trading platform. The supported trading pair is UQC/BTC and UQC/ETH.

For BTC pair visit:

For ETH pair visit:

About Probit Exchange,

Probit Exchange ( describes itself as a global coin-to-coin cryptocurrency exchange. ProBit Exchange only lists what it deems to be ‘qualified and deserving’ cryptocurrency projects. ProBit Exchange reportedly has an order matching speed of over 1.5 million requests per second and a customizable user interface. Also, ProBit Exchange claims to provide users with the option of a hardware security key and 2 Factor Authentication.

About Uquid Digital Shop,

List services offer by Uquid: Mobile phone top-up, Insurance, Electricity bills, Grocery vouchers, Pharmacy vouchers, TV bills, Pin-less call, wifi recharge, and bundles.




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