AMA Recap: From Blockchain to Shopping Carts — The Ontology-UQUID Innovation in Binance Hot Deals

17 min readFeb 8, 2024

In a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on February 7th, participants were treated to an insightful discussion featuring the synergistic collaboration between Ontology and UQUID within the context of the Binance Hot Deal campaign. Hosted by Hinnie, the session aimed to shed light on the strategic plans, remarkable achievements, and the unique benefits of this partnership for the online shopping sphere.

As represented by Claire, Ontology commemorated 2023 as a year of monumental success, marking significant strides in global expansion, utility enhancement, and innovation, fostering a robust developer ecosystem. Key highlights included successful Binance Japan and the US listings and pivotal partnerships, notably with Alchemy Pay and UQUID, to enrich the blockchain ecosystem. Claire underscored Ontology’s commitment to decentralized identity solutions and its collaborative ventures with Linea and Orange Protocol to bolster a proof of humanity solution, marking a leap forward in decentralized finance with the introduction of SD-ON Beta.

From UQUID’s perspective, Catherine elaborated on the platform’s progress in integrating Web3 and decentralized commerce, enhancing user experience with customizable transactions and seamless cryptocurrency integration into daily transactions. UQUID’s strategy emphasized partnerships to augment the shopping experience, introducing features like daily deals, expanded mobile top-up services, and a variety of payment options, including the introduction of new tokens and a Buy Now, Pay Later feature, poised to revolutionize online shopping within the crypto realm in 2024.

The AMA further delved into Ontology’s 2024 strategy, focusing on education, community empowerment, and collaborative campaigns to enrich developer skills and engagement. The partnership with UQUID was highlighted as a cornerstone initiative to integrate cryptocurrency transactions seamlessly into everyday life, showcasing the utility of the ONT token beyond the partnership. Claire detailed the ONT token’s role in scalable transactions and as a linchpin in Ontology’s decentralized identity management solutions, supported by the Onto Wallet for enhanced transaction security and efficiency.

Catherine provided pragmatic advice for maximizing benefits from the Binance Hot Deal campaign, emphasizing the importance of understanding the terms, engaging with social media activities, and tracking transactions to leverage the available discounts and rewards fully. The campaign, featuring the ONT token, offers many benefits, including gift vouchers and substantial discounts, underscoring the integration of ONT within the Binance Pay ecosystem to facilitate user-friendly crypto transactions.

In concluding the AMA, both Claire and Catherine reflected on the fruitful collaboration between Ontology and UQUID, expressing enthusiasm for future initiatives to enhance the e-commerce landscape through blockchain technology further. The session highlighted the strategic cooperation between Ontology and UQUID. It showcased the broad potential of partnerships in fostering cryptocurrency adoption in everyday commerce, marking a significant step forward in the evolution of online shopping experiences.

For those unable to attend the event, we’ve also created a full recap of the AMA here. Please note we’ve made slight grammatical adjustments to the content for easier comprehension and smoother reading.


Oh, all right, so let’s kick off our session today. So hello, everyone, and welcome to our AMA with the Ontology team and UQUID in the Binance Hot Deal campaign. I’m Hinnie, and I’m your host for today.

And thanks for joining us today for an exciting AMA session. Today’s topic is the unparalleled shopping benefit during the Binance Hot Deal campaign. We are here to dive deep into the collaborative effort of UQUID and Ontology, explore our plan and achievement, and the partnership between the two parties.

So, I’m very excited to introduce you today. We will have Claire from the ontology team, and we will also have Catherine from the UQUID team. So Claire, do you want to say something to our audience today?


Sure, yeah, thanks so much for having me today, guys. Yes, I’m Claire. I lead growth for Ontology.

I’ve been in the space for quite several years, but I originally come from a Web 2 background. I’ve been working in growth, marketing, and startups for over ten years, making me feel very old. But yeah, super excited to chat with you guys today.

Thanks again for having me.


All right. So how about Catherine? How do you feel about this AMA?


Yeah. Hey guys, I’m Catherine from the business development team at UQUID. And today, I’m so excited to try this amazing AMA, and I hope you guys will enjoy it. Thank you.


So the first question is for both sides, UQUID and the Ontology team, and we are hearing the sharing from Claire from ontology. So can you start again, Claire?


So, yeah, 2023 was an exciting year for Ontology. We celebrated it like a 60th anniversary. So, along with that, we achieved many significant milestones that underscored our commitment to global expansion, like utility enhancement, innovation, incubation, and strengthening our developer ecosystem.

We had successful Binance Japan and Binance US listings, which broadened our reach and accessibility. Then, we also made many strides in integrating ONT and ONG with real-world applications. So, this is a crucial example of our collaboration with Alchemy Pay and UQUID.

So we also have had a focus on ONT ID offering. This is a pretty big cornerstone in decentralized identity solutions. Then, we also had some incredible collaborations with Linea and Orange Protocol, further expanding to include ontologies, ONT ID, and ONTO Wallet.

So, this integration was crucial in fostering a comprehensive proof of humanity solution, which is integral to the trust. And also the verification process within the blockchain ecosystem. One of the projects that Ontology incubated is the Goshen Network.

This is like leveraging the Ontology EVM further to bring new solutions to the blockchain space. And then, we really focused on engaging our developer community. So we had a bunch of different events there.

So, one of them was the DIF hackathon. So, we saw a lot of forward-thinking projects and developed a lot of collaborations from there. And then, yeah, one of the year’s main highlights was the launch of SD-ON Beta.

So, this marks a significant step forward for liquid staking and demonstrating our commitment to enhancing the DeFi ecosystem. So, it was a good year for us.


Yeah, thank you so much. So, 2023 will be a remarkable year for the ontology team. And thanks for the recap and also for the detailed sharing.

So how about you, Catherine? Can you share about the vital milestone achieved by UQUID in 2023?


Over the past year, UQUID has made remarkable strides in Web3 and decentralized commerce.

We also deployed a new function that allows users to enter custom denominations when purchasing several gift cards, payment cards, and top-ups. Our main goal has been to make cryptocurrency as easy as pie in your daily life, especially regarding mobile top-ups and paying bills.

Moreover, We’ve been teaming up with some incredible partners to bring the best experience possible. We’re all about working together, whether creating excellent content, hosting fun events, or diving into big projects that make shopping on UQUID feel like a breeze.

And guess what? We’ve got some super exciting stuff in the pipeline! We’re not just about getting the word out anymore; we want to build up trust and confidence in using the Uquid platform with many features as below:

We want to build trust and confidence in using the UQUID platform, which has many features. For example, we are bringing you daily deals so you can quickly snatch some sweet products at great prices. And if you are into specific categories of stuff, we have covered you with our e-commerce feature, hot off with all the major online marketplaces.

Moreover, our mobile top-up services now cover 2,100 operators in more than 180 countries worldwide. You can get direct game top-ups and do IDs upon order completion. We also build our UQUID DApps as a one-stop destination for users to connect with other platforms.

We also deploy a new function that allows users to enter custom denominations when retracing several gift cards, payment cards, and top-ups. And while we’re talking about payment methods, we have added five new tokens to our network, including different stablecoins, so you have even more ways to pay rates. And that’s not all. We have even made it easy for you to use PayPal for one-click payments. Thank you.


All right. It’s so much like insightful information from you. So, thanks so much, Catherine.

And so, moving on, the next question is one of the most asked questions from our community. It is about the plan in 2024 for UQUID and Ontology. So, Catherine, can you share a little about UQUID’s strategy plan?


Yeah, sure. Well, imagine a world where you can buy quality stuff for just a dollar in the crypto region. It sounds unbelievable, right? But that’s what happened with the launch of the first $1 shop in the crypto world. Well, it’s like a game changer in online shopping, making excellent products affordable for everyone. And that’s not all.

We have added some cool new features, too. Now you can snap your favorite items and pay for them later with Buy Now, Pay Later feature. Moreover, we have direct top-up, eSIM services, view payments, and instant PayPal top-up, all geared toward making your shopping experience smoother and more convenient.

But we didn’t stop there. We have teamed up with 65 big-name projects and businesses to improve our platform. These partnerships have expanded our payment options, provided security, and made getting into cryptocurrency and blockchain services easier.

It’s all about making digital e-commerce more accessible and excellent for everyone. Thank you.


Yeah, so UQUID will have more projects for users to engage in and an expansion in payment methods with the big name on the market. Yeah, so Claire, can you share the strategic plan of Ontology?


Yeah, of course. So, yeah, so as we move into 2024, or like, you know, kind of further, look forward in 2024, I think it’s, we’re continuing to look at this kind of new outline, which is obviously to educate and empower, further empower our community and developers as well. So we’ve decided to do this through a bunch of different campaigns.

We have a lot of campaigns that are very active right now. So, one of them is with StackUp. And these are the campaign details. They are to encourage developers to develop their skills better, but also for them to learn more about ontology.

So, we started this collaboration with the Ontology consensus node named StackUp. This was to reflect our commitment to innovation and community empowerment. So, the focus is on developers with skills and cutting-edge tech.

They can bring their expertise to community engagement. They can then educate other community members as well. So, we want to focus on developing skill sets.

We also have campaigns live with Guild and Galaxy as well. We had a massive festive campaign where we involved Orange Protocol. As I mentioned, we also had Guild and Galaxy and saw incredible community feedback.

This is going to be something we’re going to focus on more in 2024. We also need to leverage many of our partners for collaboration initiatives. We had a successful collaboration with UQUID just before the new year.

That will be something for us to focus on or continue to focus on. And then also, yeah, the partnership between Ontology and Uquid presents a super exciting use case for ONT. Showcasing the token’s potential and changing, you know, the e-commerce landscape.

This will also impact our roadmap for 2024. But yeah, we have a more technical roadmap that’s being developed. We’ll unveil that soon so everybody can check out what Ontology will look at.

So, the developments in this roadmap are designed to keep ontology at the forefront of blockchain, like ensuring that we remain adaptable and resilient, and obviously, to ensure that we’re aligned with our community’s needs. So thank you.


So, developing education, community, and collaboration will be the keywords of the Ontology team in 2024.

So, as you have mentioned about the partnership between UQUID and Ontology, I want the following question to relate to this topic as we want to ask: how will the activities planned for this year contribute to strengthening the partnership between the two entities? I invite Claire as you join the momentum; you can share more about this topic and answer this question.


Yeah, awesome. Would love to. So, as I mentioned, we kicked off our collaboration with Uquid, which was initiated last year.

We’re already seeing promising results and aim to deepen this partnership further. By enhancing security and demonstrating the tangible benefits of crypto transactions, the aim here is to reassure users about the value and reliability of the platform. So, we’re also focusing on community engagement and education, which are crucial for fostering an informed and active user base.

So, as I touched on, we’ve looked to revamp our community engagement strategies. And this has been spearheaded by Jeff. He’s our head of ecosystem in Europe.

So we’re creating many different types of content, and this will be. We ensure that this is supported across various platforms like Telegram and Discord. Also, all the content we create aims to demystify blockchain pretty much and make it easier for a wider audience to access. So, all these educational initiatives are there to cater to both beginners and advanced users. We look to empower our community with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the blockchain space.

This is something that we are using sizing with YouQuid in this partnership. So, and also, we pride ourselves on, you know, being community-focused. And we want to ensure that users are familiar with ONT and that it’s, you know, a viable payment method with YouQuid.

So, yeah, this highlights an essential part of this partnership, like serving as a model for integrating cryptocurrency into everyday transactions. So, yeah, that’s a good insight into the collaboration and how we’ll continue to move forward.


Yeah, that’s cool. Also, we look forward to all the activities with the Ontology team. Today, our audience is also curious about the plan from the UQUID team.

So, Catherine, can you share more about it?


Yeah, for sure. We team up with Ontology because we want to change how people shop, right? And we are on the same page regarding making shopping more decentralized and getting more people to use crypto for their purchases.

And the cool thing about ONT — the Ontology token- is that it’s all about making transactions super fast and cheap, which we need for our platform. So when you use ONT tokens on UQUID, you will get many products for a safer and easier shopping experience.

Moreover, this partnership makes it easy and secure to do that. So, the benefit is that users will have a smoother and safer shopping experience with digital money no matter where they are. It’s like we are making shopping with crypto a breeze for everyone.

And looking ahead, we are not just stopping at their bases. We are all about educating our Ontology users on using ONT tokens for shopping on UQUID. Besides social interaction, we are also considering bringing their Ontology team on board for some special events.

And we plan to throw some fabulous parties together and get everyone excited about using ONT tokens for shopping. Thank you.


Yeah, thank you, Catherine. Speaking of the use case, the ONT token, we also have another question about it. We all know that it has multiple utilities. So Claire, can you elaborate on the use case of ONT, particularly for online shoppers?


Yeah, of course. Great question. So yes, the ONT token is changing the online shopping experience by offering scalability, rapid transactions, and low costs, which are essential for the retail environment.

So, through a partnership with UQUID, users can easily enjoy accessing a more comprehensive range of products. It’s a secure shopping environment, something to highlight here, like swift, super hassle-free transactions using ONT tokens. So yes, this collaboration showcases the practical application of ONT in e-commerce and highlights the broader potential of blockchain tech in enhancing online retail experiences.

So yeah, the ONT token focuses on scalability and rapid, high-volume, low-cost transactions. So yes, this means everybody can access a lot more products. But yeah, I know you already touched on this, and it was a valid point that there is a lot more to ONT, and we view ONT as the cornerstone of Ontology.

So, we look at it as providing a secure, decentralized identity management solution, crucial in today’s digital age, where privacy, security, and trust are even more paramount. So yeah, as well as that, the ONT token serves as the primary means of storing and transferring value in the Ontology network. So, using the Onto Wallet, you can store, swap, or share ONT and ONG, which are designed to be a super easy interface.

So yes, the Onto Wallet also supports ONT staking and management of ONG rewards. So, with the Onto Wallet, you can keep everything together. So yeah, that’s an overview of some use for ONT outside of the partnership with UQUID.


Thank you, Claire.

So, this is additional information for the UQUID community as Onto Wallet has been integrated into UQUID Dapp. You can shop simply via the Onto Wallet and use the ONT token on UQUID.

The next question I want to ask Catherine is about the requirements for a token to be supported by Binance Pay and the next question for UQUID. We all know that the Binance Hot Deal has been started since the 2nd of February.

So, one is really into the views and the promotion of Binance and from Ontology now and UQUID. Please share tips for users to maximize their benefits when participating in the Binance Hot Deal.


I think the Binance Hot Deal in February 2024 is like stepping into a paradise where savings meet innovation, and every virtual brings you one step closer to unlocking exclusive rewards up to a whopping 50% off. So now, to make sure you make the most of this fantastic opportunity, here are a few things you must keep in mind. First off, make sure you understand the terms and conditions.

We have posted all the details on our web blog, and you can also find them on Binance and Ontology platforms. Secondly, stay tuned to our social media channels; many fun activities are lined up to enhance your shopping experience. If you have any questions or need assistance, please get in touch with us directly.

Our customer service team is here for you 24/7. And one more thing, don’t forget to take note of the timeframes for the crazy deals and any other limitations for each promotion. And lastly, keep an eye on your registered account or email for all your confirmations.

It’s super important to keep track of all your transactions during the campaign. And so please get ready to shop to your drop and snatch some incredible deals along the way.


Yeah, thank you so much. So, for the Ontology team, I ask that you provide more detail and your opinion on the ongoing Binance Hot Deal event where ONT is the featured token for promotion.


Yeah, for sure. You guys have already touched on quite a bit, but it’s a detailed campaign. So I must reiterate what’s been said to check out the details and the terms and conditions.

A lot is happening. So, we connected with the Binance team last week to discuss the campaign on an AMA and let people know some details. So yeah, the campaign is active until February 20th, with three different types of promotions.

But I recommend everybody follow our social accounts and post tons of content about this. So everybody stays informed, but there’s a lot on offer there. So, like there, we’re providing ONT-like gift vouchers.

There’s like a thousand-dollar ONT gift voucher that’s open there. Then obviously there are vast amounts of discounts as well for Binance space. One of the discounts is up to 50%, as you guys have already mentioned.

So yes, there’s a massive amount on offer. By integrating ONT within the Binance Pays ecosystem, we’re looking to enable users to engage more with crypto in a super user-friendly manner.


All right. So, everyone has the spirit of this campaign and an understanding of the reward and the similar details of the promotion in Binance Hot Deal February.

So, for UQUID, I want to hear from Catherine. Can you share some metrics regarding Binance Pays use based on your observation as a leading merchant on Binance Marketplace? Users might want to hear more about the potential outlook after adding ONT and the progress of the development of UQUID for the past few years. Y


Great question, Hinnie. So, let me break it down for you. So, as in 2021, you could find UQUID Digital Shop and mini apps like Anfa Mobile Top Up and Anfa Game Store on their Binance Marketplace.

And let me tell you, many of the Binance users have been loving this. In March 2023, the UQUID Digital Shop mini-app was officially rebranded as the Alpha Digital Shop. While UQUID is the only merchant rocking three mini apps on the Binance Marketplace, we have over 200,000 items from more than 200 countries worldwide.

And we are covering everything you could imagine, from direct top-ups to bill payments to eSIM and even localized gift cards. And UQUID is well-equipped to cater to the varied needs of over 150 million Binance users. Well, in 2023, our mini-app saw some serious action.

We are tracking enormous growth in traffic and transactions. And we have been featured on the Binance Marketplace, earning ourselves that hot tag. Pretty cool.

Moreover, we are converting 10% of monthly traffic into 30% of total orders from the Binance Marketplace. And with every campaign, unit visitors’ traffic and orders shoot up like crazy, sometimes by 20 to 30 times. This results from meticulous planning on each campaign, from coordinating with Binance to deploy a portfolio of high-quality products from well-known brands to executing several social media efforts for communication and user support throughout the purchasing process.

So why did we team up with Ontology? It’s simple because we are passionate about shaking up the shopping sense and getting more people into using crypto. After adding ONT as our payment method, it makes their shopping experience a lot better.

And ONT’s Ontology token is all about fast drip transactions, which we need. So when you use the ONT tokens on Ucred, you get access to many products, a safer shopping experience, and you can make your purchases lightning fast. So, it’s a win-win for everyone involved. Thank you.


Yeah, thank you. It’s also the last question for the AMA today. And I want to give a massive applause to our fantastic speakers from Ontology and UQUID, Claire and Catherine.

You guys have been so super great. And, of course, a huge thanks to all of our audience today for turning in the AMA session. Claire and Catherine will have some words to say to our audience.

First, I want to invite Claire.


Yeah, guys, thanks so much for having me today. I’ve been enjoying working with UQUID for the past number of months. It’s been a great collaboration.

And to echo what the guys have already said, check out their platform. There’s so much on offer there. We are trying to remove barriers and make people feel more secure in crypto.

I also want to ensure that there’s proper security and support there. So, the guys have a excellent support structure for users. The same goes for the ontology side.

We’re friendly. You can get us on Discord or Telegram if anybody wants to ask questions. We have a bunch of different campaigns that are active.

I want to remind everybody of StackOver Guild with Binance. We’ll also have our community call this Friday, where everybody can learn more. But yeah, it’s been great, guys. I always enjoy our AMAs.


Yeah, thank you, Claire. So how about Catherine?


Yeah, thank you, Claire. Thank you, guys, for taking your time and joining this amazing AMA today. And I’m looking forward to teaming up with Ontology in the next campaign. Thank you.


Yeah. I want to remind you that the Binance Hot Deals campaign lasts until February 21. So it would be best if you guys took advantage of the action and rewarded it. And also, remember to keep an eye on these two for more trailing updates from us. So until we meet again, let’s keep shopping and keep earning. Thank you so much.


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