Alpha Mobile Top Up: Instantly top up any mobile credit in 150 countries with Uquid

Mobile Top-up is one of the essential and frequently used services by users from all over the world. Due to the large and continuously growing demand, the top-up service needs to be up-to-date frequently and change the technology to bring the best user experience.

Explore our top-up mini app to get 10% cashback

Alpha Mobile Top Up was born with the ambition to bring users the best phone recharge experience in just 5 seconds with the most convenience and ease for users. The app has been integrated into the Binance Marketplace and accepts payments in hundreds of tokens through the Binance Pay wallet.

Especially, users can experience the application on the Binance platform with a 10% cashback offer until the end of Friday, August 12.

Limited Time! Limited Reward!



Paypal of cryptocurrency

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