Airtel vs Vodafone-Idea vs Jio: All the new prepaid calling packs compared with unlimited calling

Airtel vs Vodafone-Idea vs Jio New Unlimited Prepaid Calling Plans: Here is how all prepaid plans from the three operators stand against one another after the unlimited calling was brought back by Airtel and Vodafone.

Airtel Rs 149 vs Vodafone Idea Rs 149 plan vs Jio Rs 149 plan

Airtel Rs 219 vs Vodafone Idea Rs 219 plan vs Jio Rs 199 plan

Airtel Rs 249 vs Vodafone Idea Rs 249 plan vs Jio Rs 249 plan

Airtel Rs 298 vs Vodafone Idea Rs 299 plan

Airtel Rs 398 vs Vodafone Idea Rs 399 plan vs Jio Rs 399 plan

Airtel Rs 449 vs Jio Rs 444 plan

Airtel Rs 598 vs Vodafone Idea Rs 599 plan vs Jio Rs 599 plan

Airtel Rs 698 vs Vodafone Idea Rs 699 plan vs Jio Rs 555 plan

Airtel Rs 1,498 vs Vodafone Idea Rs 1,499 plan vs Jio Rs 1,299 plan

Airtel Rs 2,398 vs Vodafone Idea Rs 2,399 plan vs Jio Rs 2,199 plan



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