Transforming African Payments: The Crypto Synergy of Uquid and Binance

5 min readFeb 7, 2024

The efforts to elevate the development of e-payment systems in Africa have been evident in recent years. This demand is crucial for the lives of African citizens and the overall economic progress to keep pace with developments in other advanced countries. Along with traditional e-payment methods, the trend towards crypto adoption for everyday transactions is gaining strong interest. As a leading web3 e-commerce platform, Uquid has gradually collaborated with Binance — the industry’s most significant player- and contributed to the development of the crypto e-payment.

The strategic partnership of Uquid and Binance on transforming the world’s e-payment with crypto adoption.

Over the years, Uquid and Binance have built a strong partnership with a shared vision of advancing crypto payment and web3 shopping. Since 2021, Uquid has started to list its mini-apps on Binance Marketplace. Until now, Uquid’s mini-apps, Alpha Digital Shop, Alpha Mobile Topup, and Alpha Game Store have been available on the Binance Marketplace, serving millions of satisfied users. This collaboration has enabled Binance users to access over 202,000 digital products globally, including the latest offerings in 2023: Direct top-up, bill payment, e-SIM, localized gift cards… Furthermore, as the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance provides a variety of accepted tokens available for transactions across all mini-apps, especially those of Uquid. Users benefit significantly from this collaboration, marking a notable advancement in global e-payments with crypto.

How do Uquid and Binance specifically enhance e-payment in Africa with crypto and web3 shopping?

Driven by the essential demands and promising prospects of crypto adoption and crypto payments in Africa, Uquid and Binance have taken significant actions to bring the e-payment system of this continent to new heights. Millions of residents on this continent are stepping into the remarkable world of crypto shopping, experiencing the convenience it offers for meeting various life necessities. This strategic initiative aims to facilitate crypto payments for most life’s requirements, thereby fostering a widespread acceptance of digital currencies and transforming the landscape of electronic transactions across the continent.

  • Binance and Uquid Revolutionize Crypto Shopping:

Binance is a testament to cutting-edge cryptocurrency payment technology, designed to be contactless, borderless, and secure. This advancement allows users to shop with crypto and send digital assets to friends and family worldwide. In Africa, crypto holders can confidently use their tokens to fulfill diverse lifestyle needs on the Binance Marketplace, including +202k digital products from Uquid-powered mini-apps. Integrating Uquid’s mini-apps into the marketplace positions it as a top choice for users seeking convenience and variety in their digital transactions. Moreover, Binance and Uquid strive to address user payment needs by continually expanding essential digital product offerings in response to the demands of modern life. This commitment ensures a wide selection of products catering to the varied requirements of African users.

  • Innovations Maximizing Convenience for Users:

Uquid and Binance are committed to innovation, maximizing convenience and benefits for users engaging in crypto e-payments and web3 shopping. Through their collaboration, they introduce pioneering solutions that redefine the user experience. The “Custom Value” feature on mobile top-up at Alpha Mobile Topup mini-app is one of Uquid’s efforts to serve users comprehensively. Specifically, it revolutionizes how users recharge their mobile phones by allowing users to decide how much they want to top up instead of depending entirely on set plans.

  • Campaigns and Promotions Encouraging User Engagement:

Uquid and Binance are actively engaged in campaigns and promotions designed to encourage African users to experience the wonders of the crypto e-payment market. Throughout 2023, many campaigns were run globally: the MAR-velous Deals Campaign, Uquid x Binance Card Special Price Offers, Upgrade Digital Lifestyle with Fantastic Deals, Binance & Uquid Ignite the Summer with Fantastic Savings Spectacular; Unleash Fantastic Deals….

African users can benefit from those campaigns and promotions along with the exclusive ones for them. The latest Binance Africa x Uquid promotion campaign on Mobile Topup is the apparent effort of both parties to treat African users exclusively so that they can experience crypto shopping and enjoy additional perks via adding funds to their mobile phones with crypto. During the campaign, users can enjoy discounts of up to 10% on mobile top-ups and share a prize pool of $10,000. These campaigns promote user familiarity and offer attractive discounts and extra offers, fostering a strong positive response and satisfying feedback from African users.

The Prospect and Difficulty of Crypto E-Payment in Africa

The prospects of crypto e-payment in Africa are both promising and challenging. On the positive side, the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies and the growing digital infrastructure show an opportunity for transformative financial inclusion across the continent. However, several challenges still await, such as limited awareness, regulatory uncertainties, and the digital divide between urban and rural areas.

Uquid and Binance, recognizing the potential impact of crypto e-payment in Africa, have undertaken strategic actions to address these challenges. They will actively engage in awareness campaigns to educate users about the benefits of crypto payments and work towards expanding digital access to underserved regions. By offering diverse products through Uquid’s mini-apps on the Binance Marketplace and accepted for payment, they contribute to the normalization of crypto e-payments in Africa, aiming to overcome obstacles and unlock the vast potential for economic empowerment through decentralized finance.


In brief, Uquid and Binance are reshaping Africa’s e-payment status with crypto adoption, enhancing decentralized finance, and fostering broader economic development in Africa. The integration of Uquid’s mini-apps into Binance Marketplace brings convenience and variety. Their comprehensive approach, innovative campaigns, and proactive actions address challenges and normalize crypto e-payments. Because e-payment plays a crucial role in elevating Africa’s economy, Uquid and Binance’s actions prospectively transform how it develops in the future via boosting crypto e-payment.

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