Hello NFTD Trust Guardians!

We are proud to announce that NFTD is officially listed on PancakeSwap.

we are excited to announce that we’ve created an NFTD-BUSD & NFTD-BNB liquidity pool on PancakeSwap, the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)!

Now you can buy NFTD-BUSD & NFTD-BNB trading pair on BSC with low fees and fast confirmation times!


Warning: we only have one official contract address above. All other places are fake. You should check carefully before buying tokens.

We will continue to update the process of listing $NFTD on other exchanges as soon as possible.

visit at : nft.uquid.com

Stay tuned !

#BSC #BSCGems #BUSD #BinanceSmartChain


NFTD IDO Official Information:

From May 26, 2021 to Jun 2, 2021

Only at:


Warning: we only have one IDO address above. All other places are fake. You should check carefully before buying tokens.

Token symbol: NFTD

NFTD Contract: 0x11a9a7e3c320eaa80b8ecb223a10c5ae281d9ae0

Network: Binance Smart Chain


#BSC #BSCGems #BUSD #BinanceSmartChain

Dear Uquidian,

Following the success of #UQC token swap in 2020. Our team remains diligently working on the major updates of our project in 2021. Your support will be the driving force behind our plans for this year.

UQC Roadmap 2021

These are the annual master plans.

Specific plans will be updated from time to time.

Stay Tuned!

Dear Uquidian,

We have detected unusual transactions on the Livecoin Platform and we are continuously monitoring this event.

We recommend that UQC holders holding balances on livecoin.net take action immediately to protect your assets:

- Withdraw UQC to cold wallet if you need to keep it in the long term
- All UQC transactions please ensure you are interacting with the UQC contract: 0x8806926ab68eb5a7b909dcaf6fdbe5d93271d6e2
- Be careful of suspicious transactions and scammers. We never contact anyone in advance and offer help.
- Contact us via tickets system if need help.

Thank you very much

Best Regards

UQC Team


Paypal of cryptocurrency

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